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May 07, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 18

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Jerry West Cover - Sports Illustrated May 07, 1973

May 07, 1973 | Gwilym S. Brown
The first hint that Phil Woosnam must be a very stubborn man comes from the short, bristling crew cut he has worn for 15 years. The next is that he is commissioner of the North American Soccer...

May 07, 1973 | Dick Francis

May 07, 1973
AAU BASKETBALL—Providence's ERNIE DiGREGORIO and UCLA's SVEN NATER paced the United States team with 14 points apiece to an 83-65 win in the first of a six-game series with the U.S.S.R.

May 07, 1973
5—Frances Fevrier26-28—Dick Raphael29—Sheedy & Long30, 31—Herb Scharfman32—Rich Clarkson42-44—Herb Scharfman73—top, Jack Walas74—Lane Stewart90—John Iacono101—Wil Blanche

May 07, 1973
Ben Krueger scored 26 goals to lead Culver (Ind.) Military Academy to its fourth straight U.S. Polo Association National Interscholastic title. Culver, 15-9 for the season, won all six matches in...

May 07, 1973
A POW'S VIEWSirs:Thanks to John Underwood for his moving article on Major Neal Jones (Opal Two Is Back, April 23). If any good can come of the ordeals of Major Jones and the other POWs, perhaps it...

May 07, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

May 07, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Bill Grabarkewitz, California Angel infielder, who has been plagued throughout his career by strikeouts, explaining his infrequent whiffs during the early season: "I'm a slow starter."

May 07, 1973 | Peter Carry

May 07, 1973
The charge of the Angle Light Brigade takes place at Churchill Downs as an army of small shots tries to knock off top-brass Secretariat and Sham in the Kentucky Derby.

May 07, 1973 | William Leggett
Baseball's designated hitters are not all sound of limb, but they are giving the game more punch than it has had

May 07, 1973 | Ron Reid
Attempting a unique double, the Bowling Green four-mile relay team came in first at Drake but finished second, alas, at Penn 23 hours later

May 07, 1973 | Mark Mulvoy

May 07, 1973 | Myron Cope

May 07, 1973 | John A. Meyers
Burning One's Bridges to the Past, the non-fishing story that begins on page 85 of this issue, is perhaps an unlikely one for a sports magazine to be publishing, but then it is the work of an...

May 07, 1973 | Hugh D. Whall
Landlubbing collectors of Duesies and Bugattis have their counterparts in boatmen who cherish the grace and character of a spit-and-polish age

May 07, 1973 | Mark Kram

May 07, 1973
A new movie called Horror High is a veritable showcase for the Dallas Cowboys. Craig Morton, Calvin Hill, Billy Truax and D. D. Lewis play policemen, but the best—really the most grisly—role went...

May 07, 1973 | Roy Blount Jr.
There is a new man appearing in the Pirates' regular array of might and main, and his name is Milton May. After two years on the bench. Milt became Pittsburgh's starting catcher this spring when...

May 07, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf

May 07, 1973 | Roy Blount Jr.
Pierre's Book, The Game of Court Tennis (Barre Publishers, Barre, Mass., $15) was printed in a limited edition of 1,500. It may even now be too late to get your hands on a copy, which is a pity:...

May 07, 1973 | Whitney Tower
That traveling show which has been playing in Florida, California and New York—with a few side trips to Louisiana and Arkansas—assembles in Louisville for the gala performance this week. The cast...

May 07, 1973 | Charles Goren
Not too long ago an occupational survey of top bridge players would have revealed that more of our experts had been trained in law than in any other profession. Today a similar survey would almost...

May 07, 1973 | Charles Willeford
He awaited retirement eagerly, a time to fish and feel the sun, but when it came, the old man on the highway span was sadly disillusioned

May 07, 1973 | Brock Yates
Once the old walls rang to the sound of hymns. But since a band of businessmen bought the church and converted it, there is a new sense of athletic mission. And, Lord knows, it's good for them