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July 16, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 3

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Billie Jean King Cover - Sports Illustrated July 16, 1973

July 16, 1973 | Joe Jares

July 16, 1973 | Hugh D. Whall
It seemed a strange place to win a U.S. championship, but that is what Northeastern did in the semifinals at Henley. Then came some rugged Russians, and there were bad times on the Thames

July 16, 1973 | Ron Fimrite

July 16, 1973 | Robert F. Jones

July 16, 1973
The terrors of Troon will test Lee Trevino, trying for his third straight British Open championship. Dan Jenkins reports on the daring doings by Scotland's Firth of Clyde.

July 16, 1973 | Roy Blount Jr.

July 16, 1973
The cold war between the National Hockey League and the World Hockey Association has escalated. The Chicago Cougars have pirated away Mike Hardy, driver of the Chicago Black Hawks' ice-scraping...

July 16, 1973 | Robert H. Kingsley
An expert in the design of major league fields assesses home-run patterns in the National League

July 16, 1973 | Joe Marshall

July 16, 1973 | John A. Meyers
It is always desirable, when dealing with a weighty story, to have a writer and photographer who are knowledgeable in the field and capable of establishing immediate rapport with the subjects to...

July 16, 1973 | Hugh D. Whall
Hawgs and Cadillacs. To catch hawgs you need Cadillacs," drawled a fisherman surveying Ross Barnett Reservoir outside Jackson, Miss, with a knowing eye. By hawgs he meant largemouth bass—large...

July 16, 1973 | Bil Gilbert
Wasting all that 24-hour illumination is a sin, figure the fanatics of Yellowknife. So they stage an event that goes on—and on and on...

July 16, 1973 | Anita Verschoth
Tall and terrific, javelin wonder Kathy Schmidt warms up for...Her turn at a record

July 16, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane

July 16, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Tackle John Matuszak, No. 1 pick in the pro football draft, after signing with the Houston Oilers: "If you really like to play the game and go about it with unabashed enthusiasm, then you can...

July 16, 1973 | Edwin Shrake
The Luckenbach World's Fair had more going for it than fried rattlesnake meat—a cannon contest featuring real shot and shell, for instance

July 16, 1973 | J. D. Reed

July 16, 1973
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—The U.S. College All-Star team left China undefeated in eight games, finishing up the series with victories of 98-61 in Shanghai and 101-82 in Canton. The women of John F....

July 16, 1973
5—Neil Leifer15—Gerry Cranham16—Gerry Cranham (2), Tony Triolo17—Tony Triolo, Gerry Cranham22—John D. Hanlon (4), Herb Scharfman (2)45—Richard Mackson, Epoque-Pictorial Parade52—John...

July 16, 1973
David Lacamera, 14, of St. Petersburg, Fla. won the first Disney World Invitational Pram Regatta at Bay Lake. The 1973 Florida pram sailing champion, he also won a berth on the five-man U.S. team...

July 16, 1973
YANKEE BANDWAGONSirs:Your July 2 cover with Bobby Murcer and Ron Blomberg was the best you have had since the one featuring the two superstars of the Boston Bruins, Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito...