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July 23, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 4

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Tom Weiskopf Cover - Sports Illustrated July 23, 1973

July 23, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane

July 23, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Casey Stengel, on the old days of baseball: "When I played in Brooklyn, I could go to the ball park for a nickel carfare. But now I live in Pasadena and it costs me $15 or $16 to take a cab to...

July 23, 1973 | Dan Jenkins

July 23, 1973 | Pat Putnam

July 23, 1973 | Barry McDermott

July 23, 1973
Penske power comes to offshore racing in New Jersey's Hennessy Grand Prix where Jolly Roger, owner of exemplary racing cars, will try to pirate off a prize in his watery debut.

July 23, 1973 | Gwilym S. Brown

July 23, 1973 | Robert H. Boyle

July 23, 1973 | Thomas McGuane

July 23, 1973
Yummy. Ellie Brown, wife of John Y. Brown Jr.—the president of Kentucky Fried Chicken—was named chairman of the board of the Kentucky Colonels, of which Mr. Brown is also part owner. Mrs. Brown...

July 23, 1973 | Robert H. Boyle
It has been two steps forward and then two back for erratic Baltimore, but with kids coming on and veterans steadying, the beat may be up

July 23, 1973 | Jim Kaplan

July 23, 1973 | Charles Goren
No other player in the annals of bridge comes close to matching the remarkable record of Waldemar von Zedtwitz of New York, who at the age of 77 recently added a third Eastern States Knockout Team...

July 23, 1973 | Tex Maule
Ray Lampkin had the style and the steps, but top-ranked lightweight contender Esteban DeJesus countered with power and persistence to take a tinselly title in the second of a new series of...

July 23, 1973 | Lynn Simross
The driver was abed with an aching neck and the leggy gray colt looked unable to win. So off they went for the Cane Pace and...Then the Smog rolled in

July 23, 1973 | Clive Gammon
An Afghan race meeting is full of fun, frolic and suspense—perhaps

July 23, 1973 | John A. Meyers
Thomas McGuane is a special contributor to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED whose work appears frequently in our pages, but he is not by profession a sports journalist. He is a novelist and, to judge by the...

July 23, 1973
BOATING—The 62-foot sloop RAGTIME edged defending champion Windward Passage to win the 27th Transpacific Yacht Race by the closest margin in the history of the event. Ragtime crossed the finish...

July 23, 1973
8—Guy de la Valdene19—Tony Triolo20, 21—Tony Triolo (3), Graham Finlayson26—Heinz Kluetmeier32—Lane Stewart34—John Iacono51—AP, Patty Haley-Indianapolis News54—Lee Balterman61—Neil...

July 23, 1973
Jim Hutnik, a senior at Easton (Pa.) Area High, was named an East Penn League All-Star for the third season. A third baseman, he hit .468. Earlier this year he was elected to both the all-league...

July 23, 1973
WINNING WAYSSirs:George Allen's A Hundred Percent Is Not Enough (July 9) is truly superb. Here is a man who exhibits the qualities and beliefs on which this great nation was founded: hard work has...

July 23, 1973 | J.A. Maxtone Graham
A brisk, sharp wind was blowing from the southeast, and along the vast stretch of wide, sandy Dutch beach trundled an unwieldy contraption of stout oak beams held together by wooden dowels and...