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July 30, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 5

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Carlton Fisk Cover - Sports Illustrated July 30, 1973

July 30, 1973 | Dan Levin

July 30, 1973 | Ernie Havemann
Three of the most expensive horses ever—$6 million Secretariat (left) and the $5 million handicappers Riva Ridge (right) and Key to the Mint—are set to sizzle

July 30, 1973 | Barry McDermott
Until Susie Berning and her new/old putter took charge of the affair, the Women's Open looked like one of those awful parties at which all the guests were going to have a perfectly terrible time

July 30, 1973 | Del Mulkey
Little more than guided missiles, they shot down a glacier at 100 mph

July 30, 1973 | Melvin Maddocks

July 30, 1973 | Richard W. Johnston

July 30, 1973
Plotting surprises for the Dolphins has been attempted by many—with slight success—but All-Star Coach John McKay hopes to jolt Miami with that old college try.

July 30, 1973 | Lee Gutkind

July 30, 1973
There's this foul situation in Baltimore. To considerable publicity and fanfare, the Orioles this season installed two attractive girls—Ginger Redding and Sue Spence—to retrieve the foul balls...

July 30, 1973 | Bob Hertzel
In Philadelphia, the city of fraternal love and athletic disaster, there is a renaissance going on. Those lovable, laughable, incompetent Phillies are being reborn. With Director of Player...

July 30, 1973 | Mark Mulvoy

July 30, 1973 | Charles Goren
Bill Root stands tall among bridge teachers and players, both in reputation and in height. But at 6'9" he was regarded as only "average" when he played recently on a team from the New York area...

July 30, 1973 | Lee Griggs
Early morning motoring along the road between Kenya's capital, Nairobi, and its affluent suburb of Karen can be a dangerous business. Around 6 a.m. a mist hovers above the pavement and commuters...

July 30, 1973 | Joe Marshall
Training camps open up, and the NFL's normal July antics abound. Is there a Duane Thomas? Will Craig Morton? Won't Larry Brown? But forget the fuss at the top and look down where two new birds...

July 30, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane

July 30, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh slugger with more than 300 career homers, saying he is 10 behind Henry Aaron: "Ten years, that is."

July 30, 1973 | Gwilym S. Brown
The only trouble with the race is its title. In this day and liberated age, Powder Puff Derby seems a touch too contrived and cute for such a serious challenge. Still, the country's foremost women...

July 30, 1973 | Curry Kirkpatrick

July 30, 1973
BICYCLING—LUIS OCANA of Spain won the 20-day Tour de France, finishing ahead of France's Bernard Thévenet. Defending champion Eddy Merckx did not compete.

July 30, 1973
16—Jerry Cooke19—John D. Hanlon, Lane Stewart32, 34—Lane Stewart39—right, London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade40—Herb Scharfman47—Nordisk Pressefoto48, 49—James Drake50—Sheedy &...

July 30, 1973
Jon Jepsen, swimming coach at Munster (Ind.) High, was selected state high school coach of the year after Munster's record-breaking win in the state finals. In his four-year career his teams had a...

July 30, 1973
(S)PIT BALLSirs:Since no one can seem to locate where Gaylord Perry (Every Little Movement..., July 16) hides his so-called slippery substance, I say check the catcher. He may have his hand in the...