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August 06, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 6

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John Matuszak Cover - Sports Illustrated August 06, 1973

August 06, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane

August 06, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Johnny Unitas, 40-year-old quarterback of the San Diego Chargers, asked why his knee is bothering him: "It's old."

August 06, 1973 | John Underwood

August 06, 1973 | Robert H. Boyle
Betsy Nagelsen beat Jeanne Evert in the Girls' 16 in West Virginia, turning a possible amateur swan song into a lament

August 06, 1973 | Ron Fimrite

August 06, 1973 | Coles Phinizy

August 06, 1973
The lip at 67 is maybe a millimeter mellower but still the pungent Leo Durocher of lore and yore, as Edwin Shrake discovers in talks ranging from baseball biz to show biz.

August 06, 1973 | Gwilym S. Brown

August 06, 1973
They come falling out of the summer sky, their chutes floating down like bright flowers that wilt upon touching the ground. To an innocent below—neck craned painfully and eyes watering—sport...

August 06, 1973 | Coles Phinizy
The parachute is a peculiar item, a star that was born too soon and played some super roles without really getting anywhere. The chutes used by paratroopers in World War II differed little from...

August 06, 1973
The New York Jets were having trouble concentrating on football. First, New York Daily News Reporter Kay Gilman rather unexpectedly dropped in on the Jet locker room, taking Running Back Mike...

August 06, 1973 | Ted O'Leary
Most of what the American League had going for it last week in its rout by the National League All-Stars was provided by Kansas City. Amos Otis and John Mayberry supplied virtually all of the...

August 06, 1973 | Barry McDermott

August 06, 1973 | Ron Reid
Russian fans greeted the Americans with roses, but that did not stop the U.S. team from having a prickly time as both the men and women lost

August 06, 1973 | John A. Meyers
One might say, not entirely in pun, that Jerry Irwin fell into his singular hobby. First, he was an ardent photographer. Second, he was an enthusiastic sky diver, with some 300 jumps to his...

August 06, 1973 | Robert H. Boyle
After having been given up for lost by pessimists, the patient shows signs of rallying. While conditions have temporarily improved, constant attention is advised for at least the next five years.

August 06, 1973 | George Plimpton

August 06, 1973
ARCHERY—The U.S. men's team clinched top honors in the world championships at Grenoble, France while the American women finished second, behind the Soviet Union. LINDA MYERS of York, Pa. won the...

August 06, 1973
5—Ralph Yost14, 15—Heinz Kluetmeier16, 17—Heinz Kluetmeier, Eric Schweikardt18, 19—Tony Triolo20—Heinz Kluetmeier, Walter Iooss Jr.23—drawings by James Flora, chart by Catherine Smolich30-32—Rich...

August 06, 1973
Marcia Thayne, a high school teacher in Salt Lake City, captured an unprecedented fifth straight Utah Women's Amateur golf title with a 230 for 54 holes. She edged Janet Thurgood, women's athletic...

August 06, 1973
FLOW GENTLYSirs:Gwilym Brown's fine article Oh, How Gently Flows This Don (July 23) partially makes up for an almost total lack of the recognition due one of football's finest fellows.

August 06, 1973 | Barbara La Fontaine
Penguin has issued in paperback The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, a cliff-hanger of a reconstruction of that man's crazed efforts in the 1968 solo, non stop round-the-world race sponsored by...

August 06, 1973 | Pat Putnam
Twenty Derbys have now been run at Churchill Downs since 1953, when Jockey Eric Guerin had a bad day on that famous horse, but nothing about any of them has dimmed his recollections