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August 13, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 7

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Kurt Henricksen Cover - Sports Illustrated August 13, 1973

August 13, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane

August 13, 1973 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Larry Brown, Redskin running back, after hitting a three-run homer in a softball game: "I can understand now how Henry Aaron feels when he slams one and trots around those bases. Unlike football,...

August 13, 1973 | Whitney Tower

August 13, 1973 | Whitney Tower
Distinguished horses with distinctive owners are a Saratoga tradition. Arrayed alongside their racing colors are some of the spa's most notable notables

August 13, 1973 | Barry McDermott
Already a world-beating speed skater, Sheila Young added wheels and whirred away to still another title at the national cycling championships. For her next act she takes on the reign in Spain

August 13, 1973 | Robert F. Jones

August 13, 1973 | Edwin Shrake

August 13, 1973
Young and old Dodgers, Bill Russell and Claude Osteen to name just two, have held the lead in the National League West. Bill Leggett reports on the revival in Los Angeles.

August 13, 1973 | Adam Smith

August 13, 1973 | Ernest Havemann

August 13, 1973 | John A. Meyers
The distinguished gentleman at right is not the Adam Smith who wrote our yoga tennis story on page 36. This gentleman is the real Adam Smith, celebrated 18th century author of the Wealth of...

August 13, 1973
Doubles partners Donna Sergi and Mike O'Connell have pretty good teamwork, but one could not really say they are 100% together. Still, despite small differences of opinion on pigs and tennis rigs...

August 13, 1973 | Larry F. Keith
Any resemblance to his older brother is hidden behind a camouflage of balding pate, sagging paunch and drooping mustache. He can still play his brother's game well enough, but after 10 seasons at...

August 13, 1973 | Joe Jares

August 13, 1973 | Joe Marshall
George Reed (34), who plays for Saskatchewan, is fast catching up to Jim Brown

August 13, 1973 | Sarah Pileggi
Since the oil companies began to move away and the government shut down Walker Air Force Base a few years ago, there has been relatively little to get excited about in Roswell, N. Mex. The town...

August 13, 1973 | Terrence Des Pres

August 13, 1973
BOWLING—Californian MIKE McGRATH won his ninth PBA title in nine years with a 216-214 victory over Ear) Anthony in the $47,500 Home Box Office Open in Pennsville, N.J.

August 13, 1973
5—Brown Brothers18,19—drawings by Donald Moss, research courtesy National Museum of Racing18—Brown Brothers, Pictures Inc., Keeneland-Cook19—UPI, Karger-Pix from LIFE (2), AP, Walter...

August 13, 1973
Holly Martino, 12, of McKeesport, Pa., picked up four gold medals and one silver in gymnastics and a bronze in trampoline at a Junior Olympics contest in Pittsburgh. She placed first in the...

August 13, 1973
NITTY-GRITTYSirs:Melvin Maddocks' article on Carlton Fisk (The New England Grit of Mr. Fisk, July 30) was one of the finest I have read in your magazine. Fisk is the best catcher in the American...