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August 20, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 8

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Claude Osteen Cover - Sports Illustrated August 20, 1973

August 20, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

August 20, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Warren Spahn, Hall of Fame pitcher who played for Casey Stengel on the 1942 Boston Braves and the 1965 New York Mets: "I'm probably the only guy who worked for Stengel before and after he was a...

August 20, 1973 | William Leggett

August 20, 1973 | Dan Jenkins
The ghost of the great Bobby Jones had been haunting him more than he liked to admit, but now Jack Nicklaus can sleep in peace. At Canterbury in Cleveland he hit the magic No. 14 by winning the PGA

August 20, 1973 | Joe Marshall
Atlanta's faith in Pat Sullivan was sullied by Baltimore, which hasn't stood pat

August 20, 1973 | Kim Chapin

August 20, 1973 | Myron Cope

August 20, 1973
Smith & Co., on their way to another Davis Cup Challenge Round, must first repel the Rumanians, led by Nasty Nastase and his full repertoire of antics. Joe Jares reports.

August 20, 1973 | Jack Olsen

August 20, 1973 | John A. Meyers
There are so many statistics entwined in the career of Jerry Cooke that his associates must pause now and then to bring him up to date like a new baseball yearbook. For the record, Cooke now has...

August 20, 1973 | Gerry Kirshenbaum
The world's best swimmers tend to vanish as quickly as they appear, a phenomenon that recurred just last month with Shane Gould's unexpected retirement at the ripe age of 16. Before it is too...

August 20, 1973 | Jule Campbell
Ty Cobb would have perished at the thought, but designers are stealing from baseball uniforms—particularly the colorful warmup jacket—to create a whole new line of casual wear. Hamming in...

August 20, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf
Traditionally, lefthanders assigned to pitch in Boston have asked for pardons, amnesty, executive clemency, stays of execution—anything that would get them out of having to throw to right-handed...

August 20, 1973 | Harold Peterson

August 20, 1973 | Coles Phinizy
Bud Dawes came in on little more than a wing and chair and other planes were just as fanciful when the do-it-yourself airmen all dropped in

August 20, 1973 | Mark Kram

August 20, 1973
ARCHERY—Reading (Ohio) High School senior DARRELL PACE defeated George Pappenfuss of Milwaukee 2,958—2,921 for the men's crown of the National Archery Association Tournament in Oxford. Ohio....

August 20, 1973
5—Heinz Kluetmeier, John Burkhart, Frank Allen, Anita Verschoth14, 15—Fred Kaplan-Black Star16—Fred Kaplan-Black Star (2), Herb Scharfman19—Walter Iooss Jr.20, 21—Neil Leifer50—Brisbane...

August 20, 1973
Paula Bauck, coordinator of girls' athletics at Moorhead (Minn.) High, coached the girls' track team to the state crown, her second in nine years. One week later her son James helped the Moorhead...

August 20, 1973
UP WITH THE BIRDSSirs:Ron Fimrite's article on the Cardinals (Cashing in Those Intangibles, Aug. 6) was excellent. Since early in the season, when you reported how bad the Cardinals were doing, I...