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October 29, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 18

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O.J. Simpson Cover - Sports Illustrated October 29, 1973

October 29, 1973 | Andrew Cockburn
This summer English cricket suffered its most disastrous defeat. At the same time the game reached its highest level of popularity since World War II. The visiting West Indian test (international)...

October 29, 1973 | Jeannette Bruce

October 29, 1973
5—Manny Millan22—Neil Leifer23—Walter Iooss Jr.24—Neil Leifer (2), Fred Kaplan-Black Star25—Fred Kaplan-Black Star (2), Walter Iooss Jr.26—Fred Kaplan-Black Star, Neil Leifer (2), Herb...

October 29, 1973
Bonnie Bolognese, 17, a senior at St. Pius X High in Pottstown, Pa., bowled a 665 series of 285, 166 and 214 in a sanctioned league at Jay Lanes and set two women's house records. Her 665 series...

October 29, 1973
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: The defending champion Knicks were grossly guilty of inconsistency in Madison Square Garden, walloping the Buffalo Braves 117-91 on Tuesday, then being bulled over 85-69 by...

October 29, 1973
Sirs:Barry McDermott's article (Oct. 15) was about as together as Nate Archibald is in his life—on and off whatever court, an NBA floor or a playground in the Bronx. In the world of pro...

October 29, 1973 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
THE GREATEST MONTH"There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir," wrote Poet Bliss Carman, and his words most surely apply to the sporting scene. Of all the months of the year, none...

October 29, 1973 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Phil DeLucca, associate warden at Colorado State Reformatory, after five inmates disappeared from the cafeteria of Colorado College and two other prisoners failed to make the bus back to jail...

October 29, 1973 | William Leggett

October 29, 1973 | John Underwood
It was a raucous affair, the Crimson Tide and Tennessee, both unbeaten, locked in a 21-21 tie as the fourth quarter began. Then Bear Bryant's boys scored three quick touchdowns and the party was over

October 29, 1973
Hot toes haven't made the six-point play obsolete, but in the NFL they are booting more field goals and scoring fewer touchdowns. Tex Maule feels the fans have a kick coming.

October 29, 1973 | Joe Marshall

October 29, 1973 | Peter Carry

October 29, 1973 | John A. Meyers
The last time Jeannette Bruce's picture appeared in these pages (Jan. 19, 1970) she was perched on a cardboard crescent of a moon, 30 feet above the ice in Madison Square Garden. After all, what...

October 29, 1973 | Fraser Smith

October 29, 1973 | Sarah Pileggi
Wherever thoroughbreds race, two worlds exist side by side, the big, blowsy public life of the afternoons on the main track and the quiet, earthy and mostly unseen routine that begins in early...

October 29, 1973
Bernie Ulman, an NFL referee for 11 years, may now be addressed as professor by any player wishing to do so. Next term he will teach a course at Essex Community College near Baltimore entitled Pro...

October 29, 1973 | Joe Jares
After a careful analysis of games lost, points yielded and yards not gained, here is one man's ranking of the country's biggest losers

October 29, 1973 | Gwilym S. Brown

October 29, 1973 | Gwilym S. Brown
THE BACK: LSU Cornerback Mike Williams scored on an end-zone fumble recovery in his team's 28-21 win over Kentucky, then stopped late Wildcat attacks as he forced a second fumble, intercepted a...

October 29, 1973 | Hugh D. Whall
Little Annapolis, Md. awoke last week and shook itself with relief. Not since they burned the brig Peggy Stewart to protest tea taxes in 1774 had the town been rocking to such an uproar. On one...

October 29, 1973 | Mark Mulvoy
To arrest its ignominious backward slide, Toronto has daringly reached out to Europe for fresh talent—and has discovered that its imports not only can take the NHL's punishment but can dish it out...