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December 17, 1973 | Volume 39, Issue 25

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Marv Hubbard Cover - Sports Illustrated December 17, 1973

December 17, 1973
Sirs:Once again your magazine has displayed a fine sense of humor by ranking Alabama the No. 1 college football team in America (', Dec. 3). Alabama may be undefeated, but it certainly is not...

December 17, 1973 | Jonathan Yardley
If, or rather when, you are caught in the last-gasp dash for Christmas presents, books are always a good idea. This has not been a vintage year for sports books, but here are one reviewer's...

December 17, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 17, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame football coach, on his Armenian name: "To pronounce my name, you take 'par' as in golf, 'seag' as in Seagram's whiskey, and 'yen' as in Japanese money. Just think of a...

December 17, 1973 | Ron Reid

December 17, 1973 | Peter Carry
Golden State beat the Lakers to become first in the Pacific, Rick Barry bringing down the house with a bravura performance

December 17, 1973 | Leslie Bloxham
A port by any other name would by no means be as sweet to the survivors of Mexico's big boating marathon, for it was the finish of a wracking river run

December 17, 1973 | Joe Jares
Ilie Nastase carried a burden to Boston for the Commercial Union Masters tournament: his wife, his mother-in-law, his fiery temperament and top seeding. He left with a heavier bundle—of money

December 17, 1973 | Dan Gerber

December 17, 1973
One string comes untied as UCLA and North Carolina State match winning streaks in St. Louis. Curry Kirkpatrick reports on the basketball game everybody has been awaiting.

December 17, 1973
See the skiers sail into the powder at Taos. Then turn the page and look again. Is that you, Joe? Uh, Sam? Honestly, fella...

December 17, 1973
Former American League Umpire Art Passarella will soon be seen in a segment of the cops-and-robbers TV series Streets of San Francisco. Standing in the middle, no doubt.

December 17, 1973 | Barry McDermott
They came to Louisville last Saturday, driving farm tractors and fried-chicken limousines, wearing mink and flannel and red and blue, Hoosiers, hillbillies and big-city hicks, tobacco specialists...

December 17, 1973 | Ray Kennedy

December 17, 1973 | John A. Meyers
Joe Jares' first tennis story was a rookie newspaperman's chore. It was in the late '50s and Jares, newly arrived at the Los Angeles Herald-Express, was sent to cover the pro debut of Alex Olmedo....

December 17, 1973 | Edwin Shrake
...well, maybe not quite yet, but the young dudes whose fathers were riding not so long ago are coming up fast, and in the National Finals they bested Larry Mahan, the current star of the sport,...

December 17, 1973 | William Leggett
The Celestial Suite on the top floor of the Astroworld Hotel in Houston, served by a private elevator, costs its occupants $2,500 a day. Last week it joined the list of memorable locations in...

December 17, 1973 | Robert Cantwell

December 17, 1973
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Milwaukee Coach Larry Costello, having nothing else to ponder (his Bucks at 24-4 enjoy the best record in either pro league), wondered aloud about modern players' lack of...

December 17, 1973
Cover by Fred Kaplan-Black Star7—Lane Stewart22, 23—John Iacono24, 25—Fred Kaplan-Black Star26—Fred Kaplan-Black Star27—Sheedy & Long28, 29—Leslie Bloxham63—David A. Loggie, UPI64—James...

December 17, 1973
Dave Kynoski, a sophomore goalie for the Middlebury (Vt.) College soccer team, registered nine shutouts, including eight in a row, and allowed just one goal all year, tying a New England record....