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January 21, 1974 | Volume 40, Issue 3

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Larry Csonka Cover - Sports Illustrated January 21, 1974

January 21, 1974 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
TELLING IT LIKE IT IS Ohio State rebuked John Mummey, an assistant football coach, for asking alumni to contribute to a special fund for assistant coaches, those vital but not extravagantly paid...

January 21, 1974 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Gerry Cheevers, who defected from the Boston Bruins to the Cleveland Crusaders of the World Hockey Association, on the difference between the two teams: "Well, it did seem a little strange to...

January 21, 1974 | Tex Maule
They came by land and by air, if not by sea, and they didn't squeak by the Vikings but roared over them in an awesome display of offense and defense to win their second straight Super Bowl

January 21, 1974 | Peter Carry
No team is more zealous than the Chicago Bulls, but it is their fate to be in the same division as the No. 1 Milwaukee Bucks

January 21, 1974 | Mark Kram
Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali try to re-create the roles they played in their dramatic first encounter three years ago. Alas, something is missing, though not the determination that has...

January 21, 1974
He's not there, on the opening pages; not here, curlicuing across the snow; nor is Hans-Georg Rauch on the pages that follow. The antic Rauch, Europe's most whimsical penman, set out to do a...

January 21, 1974
Stand back, superfans. Here comes Ultrafan. His name is Loudy—Hurst Loudenslager, to be more formal—and he has been guest of honor at not one but two testimonial dinners given by the Baltimore...

January 21, 1974 | Barry McDermott
Before the dribbling and cheering and probations began, before the games of the century started showing up every week, Bill Walton was a player no one could forget and Larry Fogle was one very few...

January 21, 1974 | Kent Hannon

January 21, 1974 | Joe Jares
It was hail, Colombia and goodby, gringos in the Davis Cup as the Latins, aided by Andean altitude and low opposition, annihilated the U.S.

January 21, 1974
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: With the season not yet half over, the Buffalo Braves have equaled the number of wins they achieved in each of their first two years in the NBA. notching their 22nd victory...

January 21, 1974
Cover—Walter Iooss Jr.14,15—Walter Iooss Jr.16,17—Neil Leifer, Wolter Iooss Jr. (2)19—Walter Iooss Jr.20, 21—Heinz Kluetmeier46—top, UPI64—Henry Groskinsky65-68—Harry Benson-LIFE69—Jerry Cooke

January 21, 1974
Kelley Sheehan, 16, of Sacramento, Calif., rolled a 290 game, the highest in the nation for junior girls this past season. She was also a member of her lane's Junior Miss Travel team, ranked sixth...

January 21, 1974
NOTRE DAME'S NUMBERSirs:Number 1 by Just the Number 1 (Jan. 7) was the truth in a nutshell. No team deserved the title more than Notre Dame. From Knute Rockne to Ara Parseghian, the world had been...

January 21, 1974 | Frank Deford
It is pretty tough, but just possible, to read 'Wilt' and think, The poor little guy!

January 21, 1974 | Jack Rudolph
The football fortunes of Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. were running at less than flood tide during the '60s. From 1960 through 1969 "Old Siwash" lost 70 games, tying three and winning only eight.