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February 04, 1974 | Volume 40, Issue 5

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated February 04, 1974

February 04, 1974 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

February 04, 1974 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Aurel Joliat, 72-year-old hockey Hall of Famer who scored 270 goals in 16 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens: "I'm insulted that I haven't had an offer from the World Hockey Association."

February 04, 1974 | Mark Kram
There were no bombs in his fists, but with artfulness ripened through the years Ali took on all that Joe Frazier could offer and easily won their rematch

February 04, 1974 | Peter Carry
The Detroit Pistons are hitting on all 12 since Coach Ray Scott made some adjustments to improve his team's sputtering defense

February 04, 1974 | Joe Jares
Just to add to the confusion of the tennis scene, the WCT squads now come in colors—Red, Blue and Green. At Philadelphia, Rod Laver, rocketing along again, hexed Arthur Ashe for the 18th straight time

February 04, 1974 | Larry Keith

February 04, 1974 | Richard W. Johnston

February 04, 1974 | Richard W. Johnston

February 04, 1974 | Richard W. Johnston
Most dieters struggle against their chains. Not Commander Bernard W. Deacon, who for some 25 years has happily adhered to a six-day regimen that would give the eggs Benedict set apoplexy but not...

February 04, 1974
O lucky man, the sailor. He says fill 'er up and the wind obliges. This weekend the nation's swiftest yachts and hottest helmsmen will fill sails with nature's ancient, gloriously abundant energy...

February 04, 1974
University of Kentucky football fans were unhappy with Coach Blanton Collier in 1959, and they wrote a lot of letters complaining and asking that he and his incompetent aides be gone. The staff...

February 04, 1974 | Kent Hannon
It is past 12 o'clock and the illuminated sign outside the Club Geister offers the only promise of late-night activity on the North Side of Providence, R.I. Inside at the bar, Joe the Hound,...

February 04, 1974 | Joe Marshall

February 04, 1974 | Charles Goren
The International Bridge Press Association recently announced its choice of André Lemaitre of Belgium as the winner of the 1973 Goren award, designating him the bridge Man of the Year. And who is...

February 04, 1974 | Hugh D. Whall
If early foot counts for anything in this America's Cup year, score points for Ted Turner, helmsman of the 12-meter Mariner now abuilding as a potential cup defender. First the salty Atlantan...

February 04, 1974 | J.D. Reed
Armed with $100 weapons, the bigshots of the sport set their sights on national titles, and some were deadly in last weekend's showdown

February 04, 1974 | Ron Reid
When I was in high school, my peer group said I was conceited, but that was just jealousy. I really am quite modest, but my personality is an outgrowth of my early childhood when I was so uptight,...

February 04, 1974 | Annie Dillard

February 04, 1974
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Milwaukee Center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar threw himself into the Buck injury breach with a fury that had opponents clamoring for the swift return of starters Bob Dandridge, Lucious...

February 04, 1974
Mark Anderson, a freshman at Elmira (N.Y.) College, made his school's intercollegiate hockey debut a memorable one by registering a hat trick in the Soaring Eagles' 13-1 rout of one of the Eastern...

February 04, 1974
20, 21—Lane Stewart22—Lane Stewart23—James Drake24, 25—Rich Clarkson26—Rich Clarkson (2), Sheedy & Long33—C. Wood50—bottom, UPI57—Dick Raphael67—Bill Eppridge70, 71—Tony Triolo

February 04, 1974
Sirs:Tex Maule's rendition of Super Bowl VIII (, Jan. 21) as another boring affair with those automatons in aqua called the Miami Dolphins at center stage reflects meaningfully on the pro game...