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March 25, 1974 | Volume 40, Issue 12

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Tom Burleson Cover - Sports Illustrated March 25, 1974

March 25, 1974
SUPER KIDSir:Does Pete Rose view everything he does as a test of his manhood? His remarks concerning the Superstars competition (And a Little Child Shall Lead Them, March 11), particularly those...

March 25, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

March 25, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Brooks Robinson, on spring training: "This is my best time of the year. Heck, once the season starts, I go to work."

March 25, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy

March 25, 1974 | Barry McDermott

March 25, 1974 | Robert F. Jones

March 25, 1974 | Dan Levin

March 25, 1974 | Robert W. Creamer

March 25, 1974 | Robert W. Creamer
Aging, Ruth earns big, swings big, lives big, and in adversity is big in spirit.

March 25, 1974
The rematch between UCLA and N.C. State should settle the NCAA championship, though Marquette and Kansas may have other ideas. Curry Kirkpatrick reports.

March 25, 1974 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
Without a Canadian on the squad, Minnesota is the NCAA champion

March 25, 1974 | Jule Campbell
For years figure skaters froze while other athletes worked out in warmups. Now a designer has figured out some angles to cover the spangles

March 25, 1974 | Ron Reid
The real name is Clarence Walker, and he dominated the NAIA, leading West Georgia to victory and earning the MVP award to boot

March 25, 1974 | John A. Meyers
"Dear SI,

March 25, 1974 | Sarah Pileggi
They say he's too old to be called a young lion, but Hubert Green just goes right on winning and grinning

March 25, 1974 | Keith Power
...and proud of it, young Frank Torres will challenge the top shooters in the world, men with all kinds of wizardry up their satin sleeves

March 25, 1974 | Bil Gilbert

March 25, 1974
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—MORGAN STATE topped Southwest Missouri 67-52 to become the first team in 17 years to win a championship in its first trip to the NCAA College Division finals.

March 25, 1974
Joseph Hendrzak Jr., a sophomore at Lehigh, defeated the university's CDC-6400 computer 3-0 in a best-of-five chess tournament, outmaneuvering a program that has won the national computer chess...

March 25, 1974
7—Wil Blanche24, 25—James Drake26, 27—Rich Clarkson (2), John D. Hanlon, Susie Kamb28, 29—Tony Triolo, John G. Zimmerman30—John G. Zimmerman, Tony Triolo73—Lane Stewart76—Fred Kaplan-Black...