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April 08, 1974 | Volume 40, Issue 14

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Pete Rose Cover - Sports Illustrated April 08, 1974

April 08, 1974 | William Johnson

April 08, 1974
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Los Angeles sewed up its fourth straight Pacific Division title with an emphatic 150-124 whipping of Buffalo, relaxed a bit against much-improved Seattle and lost 121-115, but...

April 08, 1974
7—Lynn Pelham-Rapho Guillumette20, 21—Neil Leifer22, 23—Neil Leifer (2), Tony Triolo24—Tony Triolo25—Jerry Cooke26, 27—Carl Iwasaki49—John Iacono (2), Fred Kaplan-Black Star50—Fred Kaplan51—John...

April 08, 1974
Dennis Baker, 12, of Portland, Ore., set state records in five events, won three others and swam a leg on three winning relay teams while competing for the David Douglas Swim Club at the Oregon...

April 08, 1974
Sir:Well, the kiss of death still lives. You tried not to jinx the UCLA-North Carolina State game by putting both Bill Walton and Tom Burleson on the March 25 cover. The game (two overtimes) was...

April 08, 1974 | Jonathan Yardley
It is the suggestion here—made in small part for the sake of argument, in far larger part out of genuine conviction—that Henry Louis Aaron is the finest all-round player baseball has known....

April 08, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

April 08, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Tom Burleson, North Carolina State center, on being 7'4": "I can't miss a class. The professor doesn't have to call the roll to know I'm not there."

April 08, 1974 | Tex Maule

April 08, 1974 | Whitney Tower
Nobody really seems to. At least, no colt has shown classic form, and the Flamingo winner may not even go to Kentucky

April 08, 1974 | William O. Johnson
Amateurs have always followed the timeless ski racing routine of man against clock. But now that they've seen the new dual-course system, how're you gonna keep 'em down on the old format?

April 08, 1974 | Joe Jares

April 08, 1974 | Coles Phinizy

April 08, 1974 | William Leggett
Now begins the final assault by Henry Aaron on Ruth's home-run record in a season that brings a controversial new ball but plenty of energy for everybody in another quest—the title held by the A's

April 08, 1974
Pete Rose had no idea, he said, that he would "slide into second base and start World War III." Baseball is unpredictable that way—in its big flare-ups as well as its big innings. As wars will,...

April 08, 1974
Baseball leads off with aces on the mound and Aaron on the mind in the first blaze of the season's action. A report on The Quest and other highlights of opening week.

April 08, 1974
The world champion Oakland A's adopt the rather sophisticated view that happiness is not necessarily commensurate with success. If the A's can be characterized, it would have to be as unhappy...

April 08, 1974
The oddsmakers see the Orioles as even-money favorites to win a fifth East championship in six seasons, and no wonder. By averaging 99 victories a year since 1969 Baltimore has established at...

April 08, 1974
Six months have passed since the zany 1973 divisional windup and people who should be able to define what happened are still as bewildered as they were when New York, St. Louis, Pittsburgh,...

April 08, 1974 | John A. Meyers
Jonathan Yardley, who is our newest contributing editor and first regular book reviewer, says of his profession: "The greatest pleasure in reviewing books is finding something that is genuinely...

April 08, 1974
Even the poorest teams in this talent-rich division are not without means, and most seem to have improved their situations in heavy winter trading. But alas, it is the richest who have gotten...

April 08, 1974 | Ron Fimrite

April 08, 1974 | Harold Peterson
Ralph Drollinger, the 7'1" sophomore who will fill Bill Walton's size 15 shoes at UCLA next season, is no carbon copy of the famous redhead. The heights Drollinger aspires to, aside from those in...

April 08, 1974 | John Schulian
There was more to this all-star game than towering Moses Malone

April 08, 1974 | Herman Weiskopf
Nothing out West could suppress the Soviets' heel-kicking antics

April 08, 1974 | Charles Goren
Many a hand well worth a grand slam bid is absolutely unsuitable for a bid of six. One legendary story about such a hand involved Howard Schenken and Edward Hymes Jr., although somehow it was...

April 08, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy
Revamped Los Angeles and upstart Atlanta, an expansion team only two years old, have overcome long odds to win Stanley Cup playoff spots