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July 01, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 1

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Rod Carew Cover - Sports Illustrated July 01, 1974

July 01, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

July 01, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Frank D. Tatum Jr., USGA, on the difficult pin placements in the U.S. Open: "We had no intention of confounding the best players in the world. We just wanted to identify who they were."

July 01, 1974 | Ron Fimrite

July 01, 1974
Graduation time is always memorable, but how many young men could enjoy it as much as 6'11" Moses Malone, the most sought-after high school basketball prospect since Lew Alcindor? Malone received...

July 01, 1974 | Ron Reid
Meet mild-mannered claims adjuster Rick Wohlhuter who, rest assured, is the world's speediest half-miler

July 01, 1974 | Robert F. Jones
The United Republic of Tanzania (created in 1964 when Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined) is perhaps rightly suspicious of what it calls "cynical Western journalists." A cynical Western journalist,...

July 01, 1974 | Mark Kram
Jerry Quarry sold a lot of people the notion that he was a changed man, but Joe Frazier didn't buy it. The result: a familiar ending

July 01, 1974 | Arnold Palmer

July 01, 1974
Vice-President ford writes fondly of his own days as a football star and coach, and not so fondly about trends he sees in U.S. sport that hurt athletes and abuse the fans.

July 01, 1974 | Clive Gammon

July 01, 1974 | Harold Peterson
Chuck Latourette, punter for the Houston Texans of the World Football League, also is a resident in radiology at M.D. Anderson Hospital. Logically enough, when Halfback Ward Walsh cut his chin in...

July 01, 1974 | Ron Rapoport
In Sacramento it is a mere 233 feet down the line to homer heaven, and nobody leaves a 22-5 thriller

July 01, 1974 | Jim Kaplan

July 01, 1974 | Barry McDermott
Eagling the final hole, Curtis Strange, a freshman at Wake Forest, won the NCAA championship for the Deacons and the individual title for himself

July 01, 1974 | Dan Levin
The national title was settled at a new regatta where a boatload of rugged individualists from Harvard treated host Washington most discourteously

July 01, 1974 | Whitney Tower
The filly with the tennis name is the four-legged woman of the year

July 01, 1974 | John A. Meyers
Clive Gammon, who this week writes our story (page 32) setting the scene at the most widely followed sports event there is—the World Cup—comes to soccer from the back door, so to speak. British...

July 01, 1974 | Pat Jordan

July 01, 1974 | Pat Jordan
Summer finds Jordan fast—and wild—but wintertime brings a glimmer of promise.

July 01, 1974
BOWLING—ED BOURDASE, of Mountain View, Calif., took the $45,000 Seattle Open, defeating Matt Surina in the final match, 247 pins to 202.

July 01, 1974
5—Gerry Cranham15—John Kenney, Harry Benson16—Jerry Cabluck17—chart by Donald Moss20—Rich Clarkson21—Tony Avirgan22—Herb Scharfman, John Iacono (2)26, 27—Walter Iooss Jr.32-35—Neil Leifer36—Neil...

July 01, 1974
Henryk Kupczyk, 41, a former Polish Olympian running for the Nashville Striders, was named outstanding performer in the 40-and-over division of the National USTFF Masters Championships, in...

July 01, 1974
Sir:Although fan behavior has become very poor in recent years (, June 17), I personally feel it is not entirely the fans' fault. Many of them, including myself, have grown up with teams whose...