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July 15, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 3

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Jimmy Connors Cover - Sports Illustrated July 15, 1974

July 15, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

July 15, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Teddy Martinez, New York Met shortstop, after making five errors in five games: "I can't play perfect every day."

July 15, 1974 | Joe Jares

July 15, 1974 | Barry McDermott
David Pearson used a dicey bit of trickery to shake Richard Petty off his tail and capture the Firecracker 400 in a slingshooter's finish

July 15, 1974 | Coles Phinizy
Undaunted by a cruel sea and capricious gremlins, Bob Magoon jounced from Miami to New York in a record-shattering 23 hours

July 15, 1974 | Mark Kram
As baseball warmed to the Fourth, nowhere was the action more explosive than in a beaut of a brawl between Boston and Baltimore

July 15, 1974
In the spring, when the waters warm off the New Jersey coast, the bluefish begin their feeding orgy, a phenomenon that stirs the hearts, and reels, of anglers. Come summer, the blues cruise...

July 15, 1974 | Dan Levin
It is nothing new, bluefish madness. The story is told of a bright Sunday morning long ago: a crowded Cape Cod church, the door flung wide, and a breathless voice shouting, "The blues are in." And...

July 15, 1974 | Pat Jordan

July 15, 1974 | Harold Peterson
Setting off from Chicago to Washington on a month-long "marathon" run to dramatize the worldwide shortage of food, most spectacularly in drought-stricken regions of Africa, erstwhile Comedian Dick...

July 15, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy
For Dick Williams it meant a leap from softball in Hartford to major league ball, sort of, in Anaheim

July 15, 1974 | Dan Levin

July 15, 1974
A master thief is St. Louis' Lou Brock, whose run at the historic base-stealing record of Maury Wills—104—is discombobulating opposing batteries while inspiring the Cardinals.

July 15, 1974 | Steve Englund
With regal hauteur, Bobby Fischer resigns his world championship in a gambit calculated to make FIDE change the rules for the next title match

July 15, 1974 | Charles Goren
Powerhouse hands come along infrequently, so the majority of players are relatively inexperienced at handling them. But that does not automatically entitle anyone to blame misfortune if, having...

July 15, 1974 | Joe Marshall
Powerfully built players, stripped to the waist under the blazing sun, demonstrated outside training camps as the NFL player strike began

July 15, 1974 | Kenny Moore

July 15, 1974 | John A. Meyers
Lavinia Scott Elliot, our lady in London, has worked for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for nine years as a mixture of correspondent, researcher, travel agent, consul and ambassador extraordinary. In between...

July 15, 1974
BOXING—South Korean SOO HWAN HONG won the WBA bantamweight championship, scoring a decision over the defending 118-pound titlist, Arnold Taylor, of South Africa in a 15-round bout in Durban.

July 15, 1974
7—Tony Triolo17, 18—Tony Triolo19—Gerry Cranham20—Lane Stewart23—Heinz Kluetmeier47—Lane Stewart, Dave Fryer48—Lane Stewart, Sheedy & Long57—Jerry Cabluck61—Oxford Daily Mail75—Russ Gumby (2),...

July 15, 1974
SGT. Jack Brake and Debbie Schmidt won the men's and women's overall National Parachuting Championships in Tahlequah, Okla. Brake, 20, a member of the Golden Knights team at Fort Bragg, N.C.,...

July 15, 1974
COMING TO GRIPSSir:Congratulations on your bringing a part of the World Cup to the States (The Cup That Grips the World, July 1). It is a shame, however, that none of our three major networks...