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July 29, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 5

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Terry Bradshaw Cover - Sports Illustrated July 29, 1974

July 29, 1974 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi

July 29, 1974 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi
•Alex Hawkins, WFL telecaster, after learning that ABC-TV will use head coaches as analysts on NCAA games this fall: "Coaches think the game's complicated, but it isn't. Either a play works or it...

July 29, 1974 | William Johnson

July 29, 1974 | Barry McDermott
The leaders in the Women's Open were bumbling around until Sandra Haynie settled matters with two late decisive strokes

July 29, 1974 | John Underwood
As a glimpse at the Dolphins' camp shows, the players' strike is no picnic. While a few veterans and draft choices work out with one-day wonders, the picket line resembles a sweaty suicide squad

July 29, 1974 | Ron Fimrite

July 29, 1974 | Bil Gilbert

July 29, 1974 | Ernest Havemann

July 29, 1974 | Pat Jordan
Robin Yount, youngest player in the majors, has few shortcomings

July 29, 1974 | Ron Reid

July 29, 1974 | Rick Telander
Austin Peay's New York-bred star has created a dilemma for himself

July 29, 1974
Getting a boot out of the game are the West Coast fans of the North American Soccer League, who are turning out in record—and sellout—numbers to cheer their expansion teams.

July 29, 1974 | Ron Reid
The sport's august officialdom is alarmed by a new long-jumping technique that could endanger a few necks—and the 30-foot barrier

July 29, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy
A couple of Canadian tycoons with a yen for signing stars for super salaries have landed two more and stirred up a world controversy

July 29, 1974 | Sarah Pileggi
In the aftermath of the first U.S. open, it would be apt to say the sport is making a comeback, but perhaps more truthful to say it is booming

July 29, 1974 | Charles Goren
The Grand National, newest of the four big team contests conducted annually by the American Contract Bridge League, is unlike any of the others. It starts in grassroots competitions, which this...

July 29, 1974 | Roy Blount Jr.
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July 29, 1974 | Roy Blount Jr.
Roy Blount examines fandom, in particular the dedicated, volatile Pittsburghers and how they react to their beloved, infuriating Steelers.

July 29, 1974
BICYCLING—Belgian EDDY MERCKX collected $40,816 for his fifth Tour de France championship, tying the record set by Jacques Anquetil. Merckx won in a cumulative time of 116:16:58 for the 21-day...

July 29, 1974
14, 15—Neil Leifer, Sheedy & Long16—Neil Leifer19—Lane Stewart20, 21—John Iacono22—Tony Tomsic, Walter Iooss Jr, Neil Leifer (2)26, 27—Eric Schweikardt44—Heinz Kluetmeier49—Ed Streeky-Camera...

July 29, 1974
Brandyn Sully, 13, of Palos Verdes, Calif., starred on her all-girl American Youth Soccer Organization team in Torrance, scoring 57 goals in 36 games over two seasons with a single game high of...

July 29, 1974
Sir:In the past you have printed a number of letters pointing out the effects on various losing teams and individuals of your so-called cover jinx. Well, let me congratulate you on your March 4...