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August 12, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 7

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Mike Marshall Cover - Sports Illustrated August 12, 1974

August 12, 1974 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi

August 12, 1974 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi
•Pepper Rodgers, on retired Clemson Football Coach Frank Howard: "If Frank had known he was going to live so long, he would have taken better care of himself."

August 12, 1974 | Ron Fimrite

August 12, 1974 | Tex Maule
Buttery smooth as ever and still the master counterpuncher, an aging Jose Napoles battered Hedgemon Lewis to keep the welterweight title and confirm the fact that he is still the high-priced spread

August 12, 1974 | Brock Yates
Lake Erie can act up when it blows, as the offshore racers learned again in the second Midwestern showdown—and breakdown

August 12, 1974 | Coles Phinizy
After 641 forefingers had pressed triggers uncounted times and the smoke had settled on the World Skeet Championship, the winner was a man who had never before even won a whoopee pin

August 12, 1974 | John Schulian

August 12, 1974
Will the real king of golf please stand up? Jack Nicklaus may be recognized as such, but Gary Player is closing ground fast. Dan Jenkins watches the Big Two vie for the PGA title.

August 12, 1974 | Roy Blount Jr.
The pain and glory of pro football are exemplified by the players' hands, so brutally exposed to injury, so vital to victory

August 12, 1974 | Ron Reid
The tariff is $11, but heavyweight champion George Foreman will meet his beauty parlor's price if he decides to wear his hair in braids when he goes to Zaire—as if Muhammad Ali could care....

August 12, 1974 | Roy Blount Jr.
In 1973 Phillie Mike Schmidt batted .196. Now with an abrupt turn of nose and mind, he hits homers and the roof

August 12, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy

August 12, 1974 | Jule Campbell
A mere ounce or so of miracle fabric makes up the new skinsuit that is sweeping the swimming world

August 12, 1974 | John A. Meyers
Dear Sports Illustrated,

August 12, 1974 | Rick Telander

August 12, 1974 | Jim Dunn
He had strong legs, a poet's eye, and he was 16 years old—what more did he need to cover the 1,750 miles between Mexico and Canada?

August 12, 1974
BICYCLING—SUA NOVARRA, of Flint, Mich., upset defending titlist and current world champion Sheila Young in the women's sprint final at the National Track Championships in Northbrook, Ill. RALPH...

August 12, 1974
18—Neil Leifer21—John D. Hanlon, Eric Schweikardt41—UPI, courtesy Walt Disney Productions42—Wil Blanche50, 51—Alfred Eisenstaedt

August 12, 1974
Jim Streater, 16, a sophomore at Sylva-Webster High in Sylva, N.C., played shortstop and batted .475 to pace his baseball team to the state AA championship while also running on the school track...

August 12, 1974
STRIKE TALKSir:I find it very disappointing that most people seem to have no sympathy for the players in the NFL strike and side almost completely with the owners (Star-Struck Canton, Aug. 5). I...