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August 19, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 8

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Lee Trevino Cover - Sports Illustrated August 19, 1974

August 19, 1974 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi

August 19, 1974 | Edited by Sarah Pileggi
•Will Perry, Michigan sports publicist, on ex-Wolverine Gerald Ford: "We are very proud. He is our first offensive lineman ever to become President."

August 19, 1974 | Dan Jenkins

August 19, 1974 | Joe Marshall
The WFL may be the World Freebie League in a lot of towns, but in Birmingham real people are paying real dollars to watch their undefeated heroes—including some real players, like a black quarterback

August 19, 1974 | Ron Reid
In water polo everybody knows everybody and nobody has any money, but as the meet proved, with a few bucks, the U.S. could shine

August 19, 1974 | Ron Fimrite

August 19, 1974 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

August 19, 1974 | Edwin Shrake

August 19, 1974 | William Leggett
For many years the Los Angeles Dodgers have operated two highly successful farm systems. The more renowned delivers young players to Manager Walt Alston, who then molds them into fine Dodger...

August 19, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy
Ex-Lion Ron Luciano has tackled both umpiring and ornithology

August 19, 1974 | Herman Weiskopf

August 19, 1974 | Whitney Tower
Despite being beaten by another filly, Quaze Quilt, in the Alabama, Carl Rosen's Triple Crown heroine may take on the colts in the Travers

August 19, 1974
BOY MEETS GIRL—maybe. If Chris Evert's owners think the filly is in good shape, she'll race against the top 3-year-old colt, Little Current, in the Travers at Saratoga.

August 19, 1974 | Robert H. Boyle
Although training a retriever is hardly duck soup, the participants get to whistle while they work

August 19, 1974 | Christopher Plumridge
The first women's pro event in England was all bump and bumble

August 19, 1974 | Joe Jares
California is now the hot vacation spot for rookies and even such vets as Celtic Paul Westphal (with ball)

August 19, 1974 | Charles Goren
The oft-told tale about an ever-increasing band of bridge players wandering the land disconsolately because they failed to draw trumps has misled a lot of other players into drawing the wrong...

August 19, 1974 | Peter Carry

August 19, 1974
ARCHERY—DARRELL PACE of Cincinnati, Ohio and DOREEN WILBER of Jefferson, Iowa successfully defended their NAA titles in the National Archery Championships at Miami U. in Oxford, Ohio. Pace amassed...

August 19, 1974
15—James Drake16, 17—Walter Iooss Jr., James Drake (2)18—John D. Hanlon19—Lane Stewart20, 21—Fred Kaplan-Black Star22—John G. Zimmerman (2), Sheedy & Long36—Tony Tomsic37—Tony Tomsic, courtesy...

August 19, 1974
Jack Herrington, 39, of Allison Park, Pa., boated a 1,143-pound Atlantic blue marlin on 100-pound test line off Oregon Inlet, N.C. to set an all-tackle world record. The previous record fish,...

August 19, 1974
LABOR PAINSSir:NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle points out (Star-Struck Canton, Aug. 5) that "if NFL players are given total freedom to negotiate their services, the league would be dominated by a...