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August 26, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 9

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John Newcombe Cover - Sports Illustrated August 26, 1974

August 26, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

August 26, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Sparky Anderson of the Cincinnati Reds, asked why his players don't sing the national anthem: "Most of us have such bad voices we respect the national anthem by not singing it."

August 26, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy

August 26, 1974 | Whitney Tower
The Belmont winner and speedy Chris Evert both were beaten by the same outsider who stopped the Current three weeks ago

August 26, 1974 | Ron Reid
The Los Angeles Rams love their boss and their boss loves them and they all have their eyes on the Super Bowl, and wouldn't it be loverly? Still, if the striking NFL players walk out again, the...

August 26, 1974 | Clive Gammon

August 26, 1974 | Frank Deford

August 26, 1974
A song for the unsung is composed by Ron Fimrite, who examines Oakland's Joe Rudi and other men of the diamond blessed with superior skills but bereft of their due acclaim.

August 26, 1974
Tinker Owens may be only 19 years old and weigh 168 pounds, but he does not scare easily. For one thing, he is the starting split end at Oklahoma, where football is very big league indeed. For...

August 26, 1974 | Larry Keith
Tinker Owens sure would like a cold beer right now, but he's not going to get it. He sure would like to sleep past 6:45 tomorrow morning, but he's not going to do that, either.

August 26, 1974 | Jeannette Bruce
The N.Y. Mets could have sprouted wings and flown away for all Manager Yogi Berra apparently cared during a 4-1 win over Cincinnati. Berra's son Tim was making his pro football debut in a...

August 26, 1974 | Herman Weiskopf
Fenced in at home, slugger Jeff Burroughs is socko on the road

August 26, 1974

August 26, 1974 | Jack Curtis
A 14-year-old boy, armed with a puny .22 carbine, comes of age as he stands his ground on a California hill against a wounded, charging boar

August 26, 1974 | Sarah Pileggi
She had twice lost in the finals of the Women's Amateur, but last week in Seattle Cynthia Hill finally scaled the heights, whipping six opponents including defending champion Carol Semple to win...

August 26, 1974 | John A. Meyers
Party hats and noisemakers are strictly optional but it is a pleasure to report that with this issue SI moves officially into its third decade. Behind lie 20 years of publication, prompting...

August 26, 1974 | Pat Jordan
Led by omnipotent Pitcher Joan Joyce, the American team took the world title from the Japanese, who practiced under the rising sun

August 26, 1974 | Charles Goren
A retired book editor from Texas has come up with a challenging new two-hand version of the game that is also a good deal of fun for one

August 26, 1974 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
And Boyden Hanover straightened out the doubting Billy Haughton

August 26, 1974 | Carleton Mitchell

August 26, 1974
BICYCLING—ANTON TKAC of Czechoslovakia won the men's amateur sprint event at the world championships in Montreal. Russian TAMARA PILTSIKOVU outpedaled American Sue Novarra to win the women's...

August 26, 1974
5—Mark Kauffman15—Dick Raphael18—John D. Hanlon17—Dick Raphael21—Sheedy & Long40—UPI (2)48, 53—Fred Kaplan-Black Star54—Wil Blanche70—George Silk-LIFE (1), Dick Raphael (1)77—Bob Halsband (1)

August 26, 1974
Brother Alan Zodda, a history teacher from Brooklyn, N.Y., coached the St. Francis Prep handball team to its sixth consecutive New York City championship. Under his direction the team has been...

August 26, 1974
Sir: (Aug. 12) was an intensely interesting article. Jim Dunn's ingenuity, simple faith, sheer guts and appreciation of nature and his country should be a fine example for all Americans.RANDALL....