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September 30, 1974 | Volume 41, Issue 14

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Tom Clements Cover - Sports Illustrated September 30, 1974

September 30, 1974
BOATING—The U.S. completed its 22nd successful defense of the 123-year-old America's Cup as Courageous won four straight races from Australia's Southern Cross off Rhode Island (page 75).

September 30, 1974
6—Arnold Newman23-25—Walter Iooss Jr.26, 27—Fred Kaplan-Black Star, Walter Iooss Jr.30—John Iacono31—AP (3), UPI (2), Heinz Kluetmeier36—Sonia Katchian37—Howard Bingham59—Herb Scharfman62—Carl...

September 30, 1974
Lange, Julian and Robert Johnson, of Washington, D.C., each won his age-division championship in the second annual R. Walter Johnson Memorial Tennis Tournament held in Richmond. The tournament is...

September 30, 1974
BARED FACTSSir:Each winter I eagerly await the arrival of your swimsuit preview issue, not so much for the article itself but for the entertaining letters that inevitably follow from outraged...

September 30, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

September 30, 1974 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Leonard Gray, Seattle SuperSonic rookie, evaluating the talents of 7-foot fellow rookie Tom Burleson: "Well, when everybody else is tired, he's still going to be tall."

September 30, 1974 | Dan Jenkins

September 30, 1974 | Ron Fimrite
The National League race, that is. Although St. Louis dropped a series to the solemn Pirates, the Cardinals stayed loose and lippy

September 30, 1974 | Mark Mulvoy
Team Canada was a WHA collection of old men and castoffs—at least, that was the line of hockey's Establishment. So the Russians were not the only ones to be surprised by the early summit meetings

September 30, 1974 | Ray Kennedy

September 30, 1974 | George Plimpton

September 30, 1974 | Edwin Shrake

September 30, 1974
Baseball playoffs approach with the West leaders more powerful on paper than their Eastern counterparts. A report by the staff pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses.

September 30, 1974 | William Leggett
"Licensees and networks are hereby notified that, effective October 16, 1974, they will be required to disclose clearly, publicly and prominently during each broadcast of an athletic event, the...

September 30, 1974 | John A. Meyers
Getting the group portrait of Pete Rozelle, Bowie Kuhn, Walter Kennedy and Clarence Campbell that illustrates Frank Deford's story on the four major sports commissioners (page 82) was an unusual...

September 30, 1974 | Joe Jares
The Sooners may be tough, but so is State, as Arkansas discovered

September 30, 1974 | Larry Keith

September 30, 1974 | Larry Keith
OFFENSE: Senior Quarterback Gregg Bohlig led Wisconsin to its second straight victory, a stunning 21-20 upset of fourth-ranked Nebraska. Bohlig completed 14 of 21 passes for 242 yards and...

September 30, 1974 | Barry McDermott
Haughton père beat his own son and two of his own horses, as well as the early favorite, driving Armbro Omaha to victory in the pacing classic

September 30, 1974 | Jule Campbell
The sales of Western shirts have increased 500% in the last year," says Marvin Pooley of H Bar C Ranch-wear, "even though 80% of the men buying them have never been near a horse." But such illogic...

September 30, 1974 | Carleton Mitchell
In the aftermath of the Australian America's Cup defeat, the answer is no—until a designer outdoes Olin Stephens. That takes some outdoing

September 30, 1974 | Steve Englund
Two Russians are meeting to see who will take on Bobby Fischer, and the younger man has the edge

September 30, 1974 | Frank Deford

September 30, 1974 | Herman Weiskopf

September 30, 1974 | Jonathan Yardley
Few people know the South as well as Paul Hemphill, and even fewer have written about it with such understanding and style. Hemphill, who cut his journalistic eye-teeth as a sportswriter on...

September 30, 1974 | George A. Gipe
Tom Hyer and Yankee Sullivan led 110 cops on a merry chase through Chesapeake Bay before battling for the American heavyweight title