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January 13, 1975 | Volume 42, Issue 2

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Bill Tilden Cover - Sports Illustrated January 13, 1975

January 13, 1975 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

January 13, 1975 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Marv Hubbard, Oakland running back, after the Raiders lost the AFC championship to Pittsburgh: "Joe Greene comes off the line so fast sometimes you don't even have time to close your eyes."

January 13, 1975 | Sam Moses

January 13, 1975 | Barry McDermott
With a new coach, good draft picks, a shrewd trade and some tender loving care, Denver is demolishing the ABA West

January 13, 1975 | John Underwood

January 13, 1975 | Virginia Kraft

January 13, 1975
See ya later, alligator, but in what numbers? Protected as an endangered species, 'gators are multiplying so fast in Florida and Louisiana that people and pets may need protection of their own....

January 13, 1975
When Super Bowl IX gets under way Sunday in New Orleans, the most vital matchup will be between the Pittsburgh Steelers' massive defensive linemen and the Minnesota Vikings' adroit quarterback,...

January 13, 1975 | John A. Meyers
Big Bill Tilden towered over tennis in his day as no one has since. But as Senior Writer Frank Deford researched the two-part account of Tilden's bizarre life and sad end that begins on page 50,...

January 13, 1975 | Joe Marshall
and so the Icemen Cometh again. For the second straight year and the third time in all, the Minnesota Vikings are in the Super Bowl, scene of their greatest disasters. With two defeats the Vikings...

January 13, 1975 | Frank Deford

January 13, 1975 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Caught dozing against the Deacon zone, top-ranked N.C. State lost

January 13, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

January 13, 1975 | Dan Levin
Whether shooting the Hawaiian surf or schussing Sun Valley's slopes, Mike Doyle has a one-track mind

January 13, 1975 | Frank Deford
The green theater is lighted by the sun; there is silence and the play begins. Big Bill Tilden, racket in hand, enters from the shadows, giving all his gifts to a game he made his life

January 13, 1975 | Frank Deford
A look at the early years that set Tilden on his course to supremacy and, eventually, to his ruin.

January 13, 1975 | Jonathan Yardley
The dust jacket of Black Sunday, by Thomas Harris (G. P. Putnam's Sons, $7.95), a main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club, displays a football stadium shadowed by a blimp and also carries an...

January 13, 1975
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: All is back to normal in the Atlantic Division as the Boston Celtics moved into first place behind consecutive romps over Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles while Buffalo was...

January 13, 1975
4—Lane Stewart22, 23—Heinz Kluetmeier24, 25—Rich Clarkson (2), John Iacono26—Rich Clarkson33—Heinz Kluetmeier34, 35—John Iacono (2), Sheedy & Long, Walter Iooss Jr.36, 37—Heinz Kluetmeier38,...

January 13, 1975
Ceil MacLaurin, of Savannah, won the Georgia Women's Golf Association title for the third straight year and six out of the last seven. MacLaurin's rounds of 74-75-76-76 gave her a 17-stroke...

January 13, 1975
PITTSBURGH'S VICTORYSir:If Dan Jenkins believes that Miami vs. Oakland was Super Bowl VIII½ (For Openers, Super Bowl VIII½, Dec 23), then I hope he also believes that Pittsburgh vs. Oakland was...

January 13, 1975 | Pat Jordan
Recently, under the glazed stare of stuffed deer heads in the Hunt Room of New York's "21" Club, LeRoy Neiman, who is "America's Superstar Artist," according to his press release, presented...