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March 10, 1975 | Volume 42, Issue 10

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Lee Elder Cover - Sports Illustrated March 10, 1975

March 10, 1975 | Edited by Andrew Crichton

March 10, 1975 | Edited by Andrew Crichton
•Ticky Burden, Utah guard, asked what he would do with all the money he might get from professional basketball: "Live in it, drive it, wear it and eat it."

March 10, 1975 | Carleton Mitchell

March 10, 1975 | Barry McDermott
The Nets wanted a booster shot, but the prescription went unfilled as their main man developed a case of cold hands

March 10, 1975 | Whitney Tower
Will Foolish Pleasure go to Churchill Downs undefeated? Will he be unbeaten after the Derby? Is he a Triple Crown colt? After last Saturday's Flamingo, yes is a reasonable answer to all those...

March 10, 1975 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

March 10, 1975
David and other Goliaths meet in the ACC basketball tournament. Either Maryland or David Thompson's N.C. State should win, if they can avoid the slings of a field of well-armed challengers. Barry...

March 10, 1975
The happy cowboy at right was once Captain America, flashing down racecourses in his starred and striped crash helmet, the pride of the U.S. ski team and a gold medalist in the 1970 world...

March 10, 1975 | Billy Kidd
There comes a time in every skier's life when he stands transfixed atop a slope, looking down a field of moguls and wondering how he is going to make it. Not so much if he is going to make it, but...

March 10, 1975 | Arthur Ashe

March 10, 1975 | John A. Meyers
Signs are posted at the bottom of every lift at Steamboat Springs, Colo. offering all comers the chance to ski with a world champion—completely free of charge. SKI WITH BILLY KIDD, UPPER GONDOLA...

March 10, 1975 | Kent Hannon
Ex-janitor Snowy Simpson did not become a head coach until age 56

March 10, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

March 10, 1975 | Ron Reid
The dissonances of disputes and squabbles resounded through the AAU indoor championships, drowning out a counterpoint of fine performances

March 10, 1975 | J. Clayton Stewart
Cold can be the death of you—even a drop of as little as 6°

March 10, 1975 | Jim Harrison
Mind in the Waters (Scribner's/Sierra Club, $14.95) is a book assembled by Joan McIntyre to celebrate the consciousness of whales and dolphins. It is a magnificent gathering of scientific studies,...

March 10, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy
The three players who bought a WHA franchise don't know if they got a good deal or a lemon

March 10, 1975 | Pat Jordan
The question is how. While relishing sport, Penn State women reflect attitudes that are both ruthless and relaxed

March 10, 1975 | Mike Lupica
The best bald pitcher in the American League was using a blow dryer for the first time and wondering what the regulars at the Gurkin Country Store in Williamston, N.C. were going to think. Because...

March 10, 1975
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Going into the week the Washington Bullets had the best rebounder in the league in Wes Unseld (14.6 average) and the best record (47-17). The latter may be in jeopardy because...

March 10, 1975
4—Neil Leifer20, 21—John D. Hanlon22, 23—Eric Schweikardt48—John Kenney58—illustration by Saul Lambert77—Tom Hubbard-Cincinnati Enquirer, Claude Satterfield

March 10, 1975
Charles Keefer, a Bureau of Reclamation employee in Dutch John, Utah, caught the largest brown trout officially recorded in North America—31 pounds, 12 ounces. The fish, which was 37 inches long,...

March 10, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
FOR THE DOGSSir:Tell me, are you running a can-cover contest for Alpo? Your Feb. 24 issue has to rank as one of your dumbest. Right smack in the midst of exciting basketball and hockey seasons,...