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April 28, 1975 | Volume 42, Issue 17

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Garfield Heard Cover - Sports Illustrated April 28, 1975

April 28, 1975 | Pat Putnam

April 28, 1975 | Ron Fimrite
Los Angeles and Cincinnati have the most inflammatory rivalry in baseball and it's off to a blazing start this season

April 28, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy
Winging through the early Stanley Cup rounds, Pittsburgh drew capacity-plus crowds, but unless they bump into a financial angel sometime soon, the Penguins will continue to be an endangered species

April 28, 1975 | Ray Kennedy

April 28, 1975 | Frank Deford

April 28, 1975 | Rick Telander

April 28, 1975 | Leo Durocher

April 28, 1975 | Larry Keith
The biggest of which was swung smartly by the perennially "promising" Rick Monday as Chicago's overachievers won seven straight games

April 28, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

April 28, 1975 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Hyping the biggie with Newcombe, Connors wins in his WCT debut

April 28, 1975 | Barry McDermott
Even in a victory celebration the Spirits of St. Louis perform like a team not quite old enough to be spanked. After the brash young Spirits had beaten the strut out of the New York Nets last week...

April 28, 1975 | Sarah Pileggi
This one is named Sandra-no relation to Arnold-and she won the Dinah Shore tournament and with it a man-size check for $32,000

April 28, 1975 | J. D. Reed

April 28, 1975
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: After winning the first two games of its playoff series against Houston, Boston's fast-break express was derailed at Hofheinz Pavilion, the Rockets exploding for a 117-102...

April 28, 1975
18, 19—Sheedy & Long20, 21—Tony Triolo22, 23—Annie Leibovitz (2), courtesy The Free Press, The Ramparts Press, St. Martin's Press, Charterhouse54—Herb Scharfman58—Carl Iwasaki69—John Iacono72,...

April 28, 1975
Andrew Prince, a 6'7" senior forward on the Abilene (Texas) Christian basketball team, set a school career scoring record of 1,624 points. Prince also hauled down an even 1,000 rebounds and was...

April 28, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
STRONGEST MANSir:As a devotee of Olympic weight lifting I was pleasantly surprised to find Vasili Alexeyev's massive bulk planted firmly on the April 14 cover of SI. William O. Johnson is to be...

April 28, 1975 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 28, 1975 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Milt May, Houston catcher, upon stealing a base for the first time in his five-year big-league career: "I thought they'd stop the game and give me second base."