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June 16, 1975 | Volume 42, Issue 24

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Nolan Ryan Cover - Sports Illustrated June 16, 1975

June 16, 1975 | Virginia Kraft
Publisher-Balloonist Malcolm S. Forbes' Windborne (SI, Dec. 16), the million-dollar aerostatic creation that was to carry him across the Atlantic last January, has finally made it to France. The...

June 16, 1975 | Edited by Bob Ottum

June 16, 1975 | Edited by Bob Ottum
•Al McGuire, basketball coach at Marquette, on producing winners: "I want my teams to have my personality—surly, obnoxious and arrogant."

June 16, 1975 | Whitney Tower

June 16, 1975 | Ron Reid
Non-Americans won eight events at the NCAA championships, as UTEP's international brigade took the title

June 16, 1975 | Barry McDermott
In the first of the races that will make or break their careers as 3-year-old pacers, the top-rated colt defeated archrival Alert Bret, and his owners again felt the pulling power of classified ads

June 16, 1975 | Dan Jenkins
With Augusta in hand, Jack Nicklaus trains his big guns on Medinah, where he hopes to capture his fourth U.S. Open title

June 16, 1975
QUESTION: What Panamanian-born ballplayer throws right, bats left and has a .323 lifetime average? And why is Roy Blount Jr. writing about him? Answers: a) Rod Carew of the Twins; b) because it's...

June 16, 1975 | Ron Fimrite

June 16, 1975 | Clive Gammon

June 16, 1975 | Robert F. Jones

June 16, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf
Among major-leaguers who shot it and flamed out was John Odom—sent packing to Atlanta after pitching a two-hit shutout for Cleveland

June 16, 1975

June 16, 1975 | Kent Hannon
One Indiana high school has come up with three sub-nine-minute men

June 16, 1975 | J.D. Reed
Say you've decided to redecorate the den, do away with that worn collection of New York Jet football helmets made into lamps, the beer company sign with a rippling trout stream, the homecoming...

June 16, 1975 | Jonathan Yardley
Did you know that beneath the fiery exterior Leo Durocher presents to the world there beats a heart of mush? I confess that I didn't, but after reading his autobiography, Nice Guys Finish Last...

June 16, 1975 | Dan Levin
Former miner, gambler and obscure Scottish player, Ronnie Sharp has attracted a large following as a Toro star and a teacher of the game

June 16, 1975 | John Underwood

June 16, 1975
BOXING—Japan's GUTS ISHIMATSU scored a unanimous decision over Arturo Pineda of Mexico in Osaka to retain his WBC lightweight title.

June 16, 1975
16, 17—John Iacono, Jerry Cooke18, 19—Jerry Cooke (2), John Iacono20—Rich Clarkson22—Neil Leifer24, 25—Heinz Kluetmeier, Eric Schweikardt32—John G. Zimmerman40—illustration by Dickran...

June 16, 1975
Erin Sweeney, 14, of New Orleans, pitched her St. Anthony of Padua girls' indoor softball team to its second straight CSAL city championship. Erin is unbeaten in three years of league play (21-0),...

June 16, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
WAR CRIESSir:This time you really blew it! I can't believe it! Golden State pulls the biggest upset in pro basketball history, and you guys stick Billy Martin on the cover (June 2). To add insult...