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July 07, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 1

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Fred Lynn Cover - Sports Illustrated July 07, 1975

July 07, 1975 | Sam Moses
We are in a strategy meeting of the Houston rollerball team before the world championship tournament semifinal game with Tokyo.

July 07, 1975 | Virginia Kraft
For more than a decade amateur dog trainer Richard Wolters has been debunking the hallowed tenets of professional dog training. In 1961, in his Gun Dog, now in its 23rd printing, Wolters...

July 07, 1975 | Edited by Bob Ottum

July 07, 1975 | Edited by Bob Ottum
•Doc Medich, New York Yankees, on pitching to Henry Aaron: "It certainly was a great thrill. And someday he can tell his grandchildren that he hit against me."

July 07, 1975 | Ron Fimrite

July 07, 1975 | Joe Jares
Wimbledon opened with on-site betting, which shook up traditionalists, but not the huge crowds. The Lovebird Double was 5¼ to 1

July 07, 1975 | Larry Keith
Pro lacrosse's best players, Paul Suggate and John Davis, share only one trait: both are unstoppable scorers

July 07, 1975 | Jack Mann

July 07, 1975
Smooth as strawberries and cream went Wimbledon's first week, but now things get sticky. Will bells ring again for Evert and Connors? Can Borg survive his fans? Joe Jares reports on the final...

July 07, 1975 | J. D. Reed

July 07, 1975
Maybe Jean-Claude Killy started it all. His racing style featured edge-of-control turns followed by catlike recoveries, and the Killy era was followed by a generation of hot-doggers bouncing down...

July 07, 1975 | Jule Campbell
Prize money on the professional freestyle skiing circuit more than tripled last year and there is every sign that the boom is just beginning. Forty-five top men competitors won $162,500 in 1975...

July 07, 1975 | William Leggett
Whether or not you know a mashie from a brassie, you'd better learn to enjoy golf. Before 1975 is over, the three networks will have broadcast 23 major golf events, and last week they all...

July 07, 1975 | Larry Keith
Among the good things on Ed Kranepool's plate is a $70,000 salary for part-time play. The Met first baseman earns it with a nifty average

July 07, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

July 07, 1975 | Barry McDermott
Beaten but once in two years, Nero was in no danger last week. He won the Cane in two heats by demonstrating both versatility and speed

July 07, 1975 | Mark Donovan
Amy Alcott, 19 and a rookie, has the self-confidence of a tour veteran

July 07, 1975 | Robert H. Boyle
Pentathlete Jane Frederick could not show all of her talent, but a little of her ability went a long way

July 07, 1975 | Myron Cope

July 07, 1975
ARCHERY—Led by 18-year old DARRELL PACE of Cincinnati, the U.S. won the men's world target archery championship team title at Interlaken, Switzerland. Pace won the men's individual championship...

July 07, 1975
16, 17—Dick Raphael, Marvin E. Newman18, 19—Dick Raphael, Marvin E. Newman (3)24, 25—Dan Baliotti, Tony Triolo, Jerry Cooke27—map by William Bernstein41—Bill Eppridge-ABC42—Tony Triolo46—Manny...

July 07, 1975
Ernie Leydecker, 54, tennis coach at Gunn High in Palo Alto, Calif., has led his teams to 105 straight victories since 1969. The Titans won their last match of that year and since then have posted...

July 07, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
TROUBLE IN TAFTSir:Congratulations on your article Violent Return to a Troubled Past (June 23). I am glad to see that people who can speak out do so. The fight to expose ignorance and bigotry...