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August 11, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 6

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated August 11, 1975

August 11, 1975 | Ron Fimrite

August 11, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy

August 11, 1975 | Barry McDermott

August 11, 1975 | Sam Moses

August 11, 1975 | Bobbie Conlan Moore

August 11, 1975
What every batter fears is the beanball, that high hard one aimed with malice aforethought at the head. Mark Kram, an ex-target for one vicious pitcher, relates why hitting is the most dangerous...

August 11, 1975 | Melissa Ludtke
In a medium swarming with pretty faces it seemed inevitable that Phyllis George would reappear on television. Viewers first saw her on a September evening in 1970, when she came on the air as Miss...

August 11, 1975 | Larry Keith
Hitters wonder what weird things go on beneath Al Hrabosky's hat

August 11, 1975 | Jack Meyers
It has been observed that Special Contributor Kenny Moore's manuscripts arrive at our office uncommonly free of spelling errors and split infinitives. There is a good reason for this, since in his...

August 11, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

August 11, 1975 | Richard W. Johnston
It took almost a century for the shad to catch on with anglers in the Northwest. Now that it is welcome, the feisty little transplant is needed back home in Eastern waters

August 11, 1975 | Pat Putnam
It was the Sounders against the Portland Timbers in the division race, but it was interstate warfare as well and, by George, Washington won

August 11, 1975 | Dan Geringer
Florida bettors love greyhounds, who love rabbits. The trouble is, a lot of people love rabbits, too

August 11, 1975 | Martha Smilgis
It's here, the aerospace entry in the racket war—the invincible graphite-reinforced tennis racket that boasts just about everything except an automatic return system and remote-controlled...

August 11, 1975 | Jay Cronley
Total Fitness: In 30 Minutes a Week (Simon and Schuster, $6.95) is a book with a message. The message is that Total Fitness made the bestseller list, which probably proves that people have been...

August 11, 1975 | Robert Cantwell

August 11, 1975 | Edited by William Oscar Johnson

August 11, 1975 | Edited by William Oscar Johnson
•Chip Campbell, PR man for the Washington Capitals, worst team in National Hockey League history, on the team's new promotional film: "It's not a highlight film, it's a historical document."

August 11, 1975
BOATING—DORA IV, a 61-foot culler owned and skippered by Lynn Williams of Chicago, won the 333-mile Chicago-to-Mackinac race with a corrected time of 40 hours, 57 minutes.

August 11, 1975
4—Brian Lanker22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr., John D. Hanlon37—Jerry Cooke38—Art Shay46, 47—John Iacono64—Bob Doeppers-Indianapolis News (1)

August 11, 1975
Michael Freed became the youngest Life Master in bridge history three weeks after turning 15, when he and his father Eugene topped a men's section during Los Angeles Bridge Week. A freshman at...

August 11, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE FORBES CASESir:The mistrial in the Dave Forbes case (A Nondecision Begs the Question, July 28) satisfied none of the participants. However, in terms of justice and extralegal impact the result...