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August 18, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 7

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated August 18, 1975

August 18, 1975 | Edited by Robert Creamer

August 18, 1975 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Mickey Mantle, on his new job with a Dallas firm: "I'm vice-president in charge of special marketing. That means I play golf and go to cocktail parties. I'm pretty good at my job."

August 18, 1975 | Dan Jenkins

August 18, 1975 | Sarah Pileggi
It is unusual for a superstar to miss the cut; when one of them does, he tends to bail out of town by the quickest route possible. But when Johnny Miller followed his opening-round 78 at Firestone...

August 18, 1975 | Peter Finney
In 1965, when it was built at the staggering cost of $31.6 million, the Houston Astrodome was called the Eighth Wonder of the World. Maybe it was—a place where 50,000 people could watch football...

August 18, 1975 | Curry Kirkpatrick
That's what Rod Laver called the tournament in North Conway, N.H., and with Jimmy Connors doing a star turn, it was smash summer theater

August 18, 1975 | Kenny Moore

August 18, 1975 | Mason Smith

August 18, 1975
Far-reaching changes could be forthcoming from the NCAA convention in Chicago. Frank Deford is on hand as the delegates debate proposals dealing with TV, recruiting, coaching ethics and scholarships.

August 18, 1975 | Mark Kram

August 18, 1975 | Jack Meyers
"Writing is like painting," says Associate Editor Mark Kram. "I freeze a scene in my head like a stop-action camera, study the colors and try to feel the mood. A story is a series of colorful...

August 18, 1975 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

August 18, 1975 | Ron Fimrite
Little Denny Doyle, heretofore best known for being a dirty-uniform second baseman, hit in 22 straight games, tops in the majors this year

August 18, 1975 | Larry Keith

August 18, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy
Don Shula intended to pass, but his Dolphins were a grind again

August 18, 1975 | Anita Verschoth
English fell runner Joss Naylor and 349 fellow masochists ran 13 miles to the summit of the famous peak, wheeled around and plunged back down

August 18, 1975 | George Packard

August 18, 1975
ARCHERY—World champion DARRELL PACE, 18, of Reading, Ohio won the men's title for the third straight time at the national championships at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In the process, Pace...

August 18, 1975
17—James Drake18, 19—John lacono (4), Antoine P. Lounge40, 41—John G. Zimmerman49—Dick Raphael60, 62—Carl Iwasaki84—Mitchael J. Zaremba-Cleveland Plain Dealer, Don Tullous-Oklahoma Publishing Co.,...

August 18, 1975
Ed Preisler, a 64-year-old Cleveland businessman, shot a 54-hole score of 222 to win the Sixth Annual Stroke Play Golf Championship in Edinboro, Pa. Preisler, the defending titleholder, won over a...

August 18, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE REDS' STREAKSir:I have been a Cincinnati Reds' fan for many years and I can't remember a team as exciting as this one (Cincy Doesn't Kid Around, Aug. 4). Power, speed, defense and excellent...