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September 01, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 9

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Brian Oldfield Cover - Sports Illustrated September 01, 1975

September 01, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

September 01, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Joe DiMaggio, now 60, announcing his retirement as a player in oldtimers' games: "I can't take it anymore. I'm not in good enough shape."

September 01, 1975 | Robert H. Boyle

September 01, 1975 | Anita Verschoth
When you're hot, you're hot, Bruce Furniss had a score to settle with himself and in the process broke two of the four individual world records that fell at the AAU meet last week in Kansas City

September 01, 1975 | Barry McDermott
Second year event, for touring pros only, offers big money in exchange for major-tournament consideration

September 01, 1975 | Sarah Pileggi

September 01, 1975 | Frank Deford

September 01, 1975
College Football kicks off another season with a bad case of short money. In our annual special issue, John Underwood looks into the financial squeeze; the Ivy League is serenaded in pictures and...

September 01, 1975
Rubbing his ears, tugging his cap, waving his arms and scratching his nose, he seems to be baseball's designated buffoon, a figure on the periphery of the game whose curious gyrations are a source...

September 01, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf
As the pictures at the left show, third-base coaches often strike odd poses. In their clandestine world, any or all of these apparently meaningless gestures could be conveying a message. Or there...

September 01, 1975 | Ted O'Leary
That's Cleveland 1975—and a kid named Rick Manning doesn't hurt

September 01, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

September 01, 1975 | Sam Moses
The Rowdies took the NASL title, beating the Portland Timbers 2-0

September 01, 1975 | Tex Maule
Hanging up his typewriter after 26 years in and around the NFL, the author recollects the best game, the best plays and the best players

September 01, 1975 | Dan Levin
Led by a cricket of a coach, the U.S. eights defend their title

September 01, 1975 | Whitney Tower
Attendance, betting—and truant horses—were all up at Saratoga

September 01, 1975 | Curry Kirkpatrick

September 01, 1975 | Roy Blount Jr.
"Anything John McPhee is interested in, I'm interested in," I heard someone say recently. McPhee is a man who has written a whole book (Oranges) about oranges. He also has written two of the best...

September 01, 1975 | Mark Sufrin
They were mythic creatures, superb athletes with unbending courage, iron discipline and grit. They are frozen as in a tableau vivant—eternally 16 years old, handsome, likable, straightforward and...

September 01, 1975
CYCLING—U.S. champion SUE NOVARA of Detroit handily defeated Iva Jajikova of Czechoslovakia in the women's amateur sprint at the world championships in Rocourt, Belgium. In an all-American runoff...

September 01, 1975
22, 23—Al Satterwhite (2), Eric Schweikardt24—Al Satterwhite43—Tony Tomsic51—Marvin E. Newman, Neil Leifer52—Lane Stewart56, 57—Tony Triolo58, 59—Neil Leifer59—Tomas Sennett, Fred Kaplan-Black...

September 01, 1975
Barton George, 10, of Honolulu, clean-and-jerked 120 pounds and snatched 90 to win the Hawaii AAU junior weight-lifting championship in the 103-pound class. Barton is the son of Pete George, a...

September 01, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Mark Kram's (Aug. 18) was the most eye-opening article I have ever read. I'm a Yankee fan all the way and after a recent beanball incident in a game between the Yankees and the Orioles I was...