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September 15, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 11

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated September 15, 1975

September 15, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

September 15, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Tom Lovat, Utah football coach, about his 1-10 season in 1974: "Last night I sat down and tried to think about all the highlights from last year and I fell asleep."

September 15, 1975 | Joe Jares

September 15, 1975 | Curry Kirkpatrick
If it seems an eternity since she rode in National Velvet across the silver screen and sang On the Good Ship Lollipop over the airwaves, it is probably because, like few little girls before her,...

September 15, 1975 | Sam Moses
Rolling in from the desert, the racers staged a championship right there—and right up there—where everybody could see them

September 15, 1975 | Ray Kennedy

September 15, 1975
The opening gun of the NFL season resounds and so does Dan Jenkins in our annual special issue with a semi-irreverent shot at what the violent world has come to. Mark Mulvoy finds things a bit...

September 15, 1975 | Mark Kram

September 15, 1975 | Jack Meyers
Lane Stewart does not like to be thought of as a photographer of animals, though animals have been the subjects of some of his best pictures. His photographs in this issue of the inhabitants of...

September 15, 1975 | Melvin Maddocks

September 15, 1975 | William Leggett
For nearly two years Grandstand—which will certainly be the most expensive sports program of the new television season and may wind up being the most important as well—was known internally at NBC...

September 15, 1975 | Edwin Shrake
The rescue of Houston's ball club, sagging cornerstone of a diminishing empire, has been entrusted to Yankee emigrants Tal Smith and Bill Virdon

September 15, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

September 15, 1975 | Pat Putnam
This is what one promoter calls Foozball, a corruption of the German word Fussball, which in some circles means a coin-operated game. Don't laugh. The national championships were played in Denver....

September 15, 1975 | Ron Reid
Al Davis doesn't mind if Linebacker Ted Hendricks scares his Raiders

September 15, 1975 | Ray Kennedy
You have to feel for Roger Vaughan. There he is, trusty notebook in hand, striking out with the crew of Mariner to record a heroic quest for the 1974 America's Cup. But barely is The Grand Gesture...

September 15, 1975 | Larry Keith
The season began in high stride, with Tony Dorsett grinding out the yardage as Pitt beat Georgia, and Penn State struggling to nip Temple

September 15, 1975 | Chris Brasher
Olympic 1,500 hopefuls are moving to the 5,000, and 5,000 men to the 10,000, because of Walker and Bayi

September 15, 1975 | Bil Gilbert
The destiny of wild animals and birds is simply to be themselves. The ones here, in Lane Stewart photographs, appear beautiful or grotesque, nimble or lumbering, bashful or bold, elegant or...

September 15, 1975
BOWLING—DALE GLENN of Los Angeles won his first title, the $55,000 Columbia 300 Open in Detroit, after five years as a touring professional. Glenn defeated Matt Surina 222-215 for the $6,000...

September 15, 1975
4—John Iacono16, 17—Tony Triolo, James Drake (2)18, 19—James Drake, Tony Triolo20, 21—James Drake55—Herb Scharfman56—Lane Stewart64—Carl Iwasaki73—John D. Hanlon82, 83—Lane Stewart84, 85—Lane...

September 15, 1975
Carol Heynen, 10, has won three Southern California tennis tournaments this year: the 12-and-under at La Jolla, beating the top seed; the El Dorado and women's C title at Long Beach. Last year...

September 15, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
MAULE'S ALLTIME PICKSSir:As an avid fan of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, I hate to see Tex Maule retire from your stall (Oh, That 200-Yard Run! Sept. 1). Reading his articles during the football season has...