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October 06, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 14

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Reggie Jackson Cover - Sports Illustrated October 06, 1975

October 06, 1975 | J. D. Reed
With the Caribous on hand, the NLL finals became an all-Quebec affair

October 06, 1975 | William Leggett
—or almost: his selection, that is, as Horse of the Year, by drubbing Wajima in the Woodward. And he did it, naturally, in partial Eclipse

October 06, 1975 | William Oscar Johnson

October 06, 1975 | William Oscar Johnson
Babe turns pro and becomes an object of scorn, playing anything—House of David baseball, a harmonica—for pay.

October 06, 1975 | Jonathan Yardley
One of the more memorable moments of the 1974 World Series occurred after all the action on the field had concluded. The Oakland A's were gathered in a moment of high solemnity: the presentation...

October 06, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf
For the fans of four teams the last week of the season was a time of gathering excitement as the divisional races ended and playoffs approached, but for the rest it was a time for reflection...

October 06, 1975
FOOTBALL—NFL: In the first sudden-death period this season, Roger Staubach of Dallas passed to Billy Joe DuPree in the end zone to beat the Cardinals 37-31. The Washington defense, led by Tackle...

October 06, 1975
4—Elizabeth Desch24, 25—Heinz Kluetmeier26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier (2), John Olson, Marvin E. Newman (2), Fred Kaplan-Black Star, Rich Clarkson (2)28, 29—Heinz Kluetmeier (3), John D. Hanlon, Manny...

October 06, 1975
Alysa Gould, 16, of Bloomington, Minn., won the three-meter diving championship at the Nine Nations Contest Diving games in The Netherlands. She also won the one-meter in an exhibition at the same...

October 06, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
READY! AIM!...Sir:After having read your polemic A Potshot Angers Its Quarry (Sept. 22), may I say that, although you sprayed enough shot around to cover 360 degrees of a circle, you still haven't...

October 06, 1975 | Martha Smilgis
The Baltimore Orioles had reason last weekend to file a malpractice suit against witch doctor John Agunga of Kenya, who was hired to put the whammy on the Boston Red Sox. But for awhile it seemed...

October 06, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

October 06, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Howard Stevens, 5'5", 165-pound Baltimore Colt kick returner: "I'm not small, I'm short. If I were six feet, I'd weigh 220 pounds."

October 06, 1975
Rains of near-Biblical persistence added nature's wrath last week to the autumnal anxiety Boston Red Sox fans are heir to. But there, calm center of the disturbance, stood old Luis Tiant, fogging...

October 06, 1975 | Ron Fimrite
Boston pits its youth, esprit de Fenway and momentum against the ordnance, speed and postseasoning of the world champions

October 06, 1975
It looks to be upstream all the way for Pittsburgh in the Ohio River Series; but the "home disadvantage" could sink the Reds

October 06, 1975
The deadliest games in baseball are the playoff openers. You sweep, split or die. Ron Fimrite is at Fenway for the A's-Red Sox, Ray Kennedy at Riverfront for the Reds-Bucs.

October 06, 1975 | Dan Jenkins
With its defense pillaging the Giant backfield and a potent new offense, Washington skinned New York

October 06, 1975 | Robert F. Jones
Lured by the prospect of racing cars snarling through downtown, 65,000 fans watched Brian Redman take the inaugural Long Beach Grand Prix

October 06, 1975 | John A. Meyers
Although the women's movement has begun to have a substantial impact on sports, some of its partisans still are finding the going too slow to suit them. Part of the problem may be the paucity of...

October 06, 1975 | John M. Barry
A man who has played football and coached it offers some personal reflections on an ever-present but seldom discussed aspect of the sport—injuries—and the pragmatic manner in which they are often...

October 06, 1975 | John M. Barry
Five college football players who have been sidelined, some for the entire season, discuss what it feels like: the sudden sense of vulnerability; the psychological trauma; the frustration of no...

October 06, 1975 | John M. Barry
John M. Barry played varsity football at Brown. His coaching experience includes a year as head coach at the Lenox School in Massachusetts, two years as an assistant at Providence (R.I.) College...

October 06, 1975
All through the year the Grand Prix drivers wheel chic to chic with beautiful people in sophisticated settings, fueling the haughty mystique that marks this kind of racing. Then comes Watkins...

October 06, 1975 | Robert F. Jones
For most of the year Watkins Glen, population 2,716, is just another bucolic village tucked away in the verdant hills of New York state's wine country. You first locate Schuyler County, then drive...

October 06, 1975 | Edwin Shrake
That's Joe Washington of Oklahoma—just here, now there, hit hard, still moving—a runner who Sooner fans insist is the best in the country

October 06, 1975 | Larry Keith

October 06, 1975 | Larry Keith
OFFENSE: Kansas Quarterback Nolan Cromwell, a former defensive back, carried 28 times for 294 yards against Oregon State, scoring on a 79-yard run and breaking Gale Sayers' single-game Jayhawk...

October 06, 1975 | Sarah Pileggi
Which is the USGA way of announcing that from a field of 132 players, 60-year-old William Colm survived to take its senior title