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October 20, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 16

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Luis Tiant Cover - Sports Illustrated October 20, 1975

October 20, 1975 | Joseph Carroll
Students of the canon will remember a Wodehouse character named Albert Pease-march in The Luck of the Bodkins. He is a ship's steward, and a social critic of strong views and an entertaining way...

October 20, 1975
BOATING—ROCKY AOKI, of New York, averaging 76.7 mph, slammed his 35-foot Cigarette Banihana Spirit to victory in the 183-mile Miami-Nassau powerboat race, arriving 31 minutes ahead of the fleet...

October 20, 1975
4—Manny Millan15—Dick Raphael, Heinz Kluetmeier16, 17—Heinz Kluetmeier (2), Herb Scharfman, John Iacono, Dick Raphael18, 19—John Iacono20, 21—Rich Clarkson50—AP61—Bert Brandt-LIFE69—Wil...

October 20, 1975
Michael Sanchez, 8, of Maplewood, N.J., was the youngest member (by three years) of his Manhattan Chess Club team when it lost 8½ to 3½ in a 12-game telex match against a Swiss team. Sanchez, who...

October 20, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
NOT QUITTINGSir:I was disappointed in the article Look What's Up and About (Sept. 8). Your offhand comment that the University of Dayton is one of three schools that "may yet throw in" can do a...

October 20, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

October 20, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Tony Mason, University of Cincinnati football coach, facing Tulsa with several of his key players injured: "You think I'm not worried? Last night I called my wife 'Ralph.' "

October 20, 1975 | Ron Fimrite

October 20, 1975 | Joe Jares
In a typical rootin' tootin' battle with Texas, Oklahoma scored in the final period to win 24-17 and extend its unbeaten streak to 34

October 20, 1975 | Ron Reid
Coach Paul Brown calls the plays, Ken Anderson executes and the Cincinnati Bengals are off to their best start

October 20, 1975 | Dan Jenkins

October 20, 1975
First tipoff on pro basketball. A lot of big talent, starting with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, has moved around. Jerry Kirshenbaum portrays George McGinnis, the superstar who switched leagues, and Pat...

October 20, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy

October 20, 1975 | Mark Mulvoy

October 20, 1975 | John A. Meyers
Don't let the goalie mask on Senior Editor Bob Brown's desk mislead you. He has never worn one in his life. But as the man responsible for putting together SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S annual special...

October 20, 1975 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

October 20, 1975 | William Oscar Johnson
Magnetic as always and magnificent in performance, she made a sport—women's golf—and it made her, assuring her lasting fame

October 20, 1975 | William Leggett
It went almost unnoticed outside the television industry when the Demolition Derby recently changed its license plates from ABC to CBS. "Well," cynics in the business said, "ABC grabbed the...

October 20, 1975 | Mike DelNagro
Houston McTear isn't playing for his high school because he fears an injury might ruin his track career, but colleges are hounding him anyway

October 20, 1975 | Larry Keith

October 20, 1975 | Larry Keith
DEFENSE: Pittsburgh Cornerback J.C. Wilson scored two touchdowns on a 52-yard return of a blocked field goal and a six-yard return of an intercepted pass, set up another TD with a second...

October 20, 1975 | Pat Putnam
Michael Dokes is 17 years old. Like Ali, he is coming on loud and clear

October 20, 1975 | Robert H. Boyle
Wetlands that support invaluable wildlife are fast disappearing, but Edgar Garbisch is turning the tide by creating some of his own

October 20, 1975 | Dan Levin
Cleanliness might be next to godliness but New York is closer to the news media headquarters, so that's where Diana Nyad had to swim

October 20, 1975 | Ron Rau
It was a long way to have come pheasant hunting, down from Alaska to the fields and draws of Kansas, but more than worth it as the birds tumbled from an ever-changing sky. And then came the moment...