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December 01, 1975 | Volume 43, Issue 22

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Kent Benson Cover - Sports Illustrated December 01, 1975

December 01, 1975 | Edited by Gay Flood
MAYHEMSir:It is difficult to shock the present-day sports fan but after reading Ray Kennedy's poignant essay on the mayhem in hockey ( Wanted: An End to Mayhem, Nov. 17), I was genuinely saddened....

December 01, 1975 | John Underwood

December 01, 1975 | Larry Keith
If the Big Ten showdown in Ann Arbor was notable for its departure from tradition, the Big Eight climax down in Norman was equally remarkable for its reversal of roles. Nebraska, which had gone...

December 01, 1975 | Robert H. Boyle
New reports make it clear that the presence of this man-made chemical in food and water is a nationwide peril demanding quick action, not snappy-patter routines by some hesitant bureaucrats

December 01, 1975 | Dan Jenkins

December 01, 1975
The eyes of Texas and a lot of other places will be on the shoot-out between the Longhorns and Aggies, which could decide who spends New Year's in the Cotton Bowl. By Edwin Shrake.

December 01, 1975 | Barry McDermott
For the first time since George Washington invented the backdoor play and coached the Continental Army to an upset victory over the Redcoats, the NCAA tournament is returning to the vicinity of...

December 01, 1975 | Barry McDermott
The season preview continues with photos of the year's finest guards, a profile of the best backcourt man and scouting reports on the top 20 teams and the best of the rest by Barry McDermott,...

December 01, 1975
The only thing better than having one good guard is having two or—eureka!—three of those heady little fellows who can perform more tasks than big men dream of.

December 01, 1975 | Barry McDermott
Maryland's John Lucas, the best and brassiest guard in college, is a tennis champ in his spare time

December 01, 1975

December 01, 1975

December 01, 1975 | Kent Hannon
Grand Canyon College ought to win several home games every year on the strength of its name alone. It makes the place sound as if it is teetering on the edge of an abyss, with hungry buzzards...

December 01, 1975 | Nancy Williamson
At 6'3" and 185 pounds, Lusia (Lucy) Harris is a towering talent who last year led Mississippi's Delta State University to the only unbeaten record (28-0) in women's—or men's—college basketball...

December 01, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf

December 01, 1975 | Herman Weiskopf
OFFENSE: Toledo Quarterback Gene Swick became the first college player ever to top 8,000 yards in total offense—he finished at 8,074—passing and running for 334 yards to lead the Rockets to a...

December 01, 1975 | Dan Levin
AAU officials came up with some odd heavies to face the Russians

December 01, 1975 | Joe Jares
The Bucks had a problem. The Lakers took it off their hands. Now the Lakers' main difficulty is finding the words to fit their good fortune

December 01, 1975 | William Oscar Johnson

December 01, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 01, 1975 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Al McGuire, Marquette basketball coach, on the touring Soviet Union team: "It's strange to see so many tall, thin white guys with 1936 uniforms on."

December 01, 1975
14, 15—Heinz Kluetmeier16, 17—Jerry Cooke (2), Heinz Kluetmeier (3)18, 19—John D. Hanlon21—map by Don Moss33—Marvin E. Newman, James Drake, Neil Leifer34, 35—Neil Leifer, Rich Clarkson (3), Heinz...

December 01, 1975
Jerry Spicer, a senior quarterback at Hobart (Ind.) High, kicked a 61-yard field goal, believed to be a national high school record, against Valparaiso High. He passed for 878 yards and five TDs...

December 01, 1975
BASKETBALL: A touring women's team from the People's Republic of China beat Cal State-Fuller-ton 63-60 at UCLA, lost 73-70 to AIAW champion Delta State at Memphis (page 64) and to the U.S....