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January 12, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 2

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Franco Harris Cover - Sports Illustrated January 12, 1976

January 12, 1976 | Roy Blount Jr.
"We couldn't tell whether we had the ball in our hands or not," said Steeler Mike Collier, whose kick-return performance was relatively impressive in that he only lost the ball once. The ball must...

January 12, 1976 | Dan Jenkins
The team from the long-suffering National Conference with the best chance to beat the Steelers is, in fact, going to the Super Bowl, and it is about time for the world to realize that the Dallas...

January 12, 1976 | Pat Putnam
When Cleveland was losing, Bill Fitch told a lot of jokes. Nowadays he doesn't need gags to cheer up his winning players

January 12, 1976 | John Underwood
When the Buckeyes gambled with passes and lost to UCLA, the Sooners cashed in to win the national title

January 12, 1976 | Joe Jares
There was little indication during the early part of the Rose Bowl that Oklahoma would have the remotest shot at the national championship. By half-time Ohio State led UCLA only 3-0, but it seemed...

January 12, 1976 | Larry Keith
And where was Alabama while all this was going on? The Crimson Tide failed to win the national championship for reasons as clear as the huge images on the six superscreens 10 miles above the Mardi...

January 12, 1976 | Mason Smith
The St. Paul winter carnival was 500 miles away and the weather was every driver's worst enemy

January 12, 1976
The girls of January, in our annual Super Bowl of swimwear, enhance the attractions of Baja California, fast becoming a Mecca for resort hunters in search of sport and sun.

January 12, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 12, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Jim Murray, Los Angeles Times columnist, foreseeing disaster for baseball if the reserve clause disappears: "A society or industry built on slavery cannot survive emancipation. Just ask Jefferson...

January 12, 1976 | William Leggett
During 1975 the three major television networks devoted more than 1,100 hours to sports, an average of three for every day in the year. And advanced schedules indicate there will be even more in...

January 12, 1976 | Douglas S. Looney
Beset by defections and an NCAA probe, Minnesota has rallied around a Bahamian center and a coach who stresses the joys of competing

January 12, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

January 12, 1976 | Jim Kaplan
If you play the game until it hurts, specialist Robert Nirschl will help to ease those throbbing joints

January 12, 1976 | D. Alexandra Stathoplos
Horses are the subject of many courses at Lake Erie, a women's college in Ohio to which students may bring their own mounts. Any overweight they might also bring along is soon lost via the...

January 12, 1976
Let's put the puns up front and get it over with. This is not a hot-dog skier (as a wag once said). You're barking up the wrong tree. This is Schmalz, a dog-dog skier, the real item, maybe the...

January 12, 1976 | Virginia Kraft
A Japanese company hits the target by building prestige shotguns for sale in the U.S. at a modest price

January 12, 1976 | Mark Mulvoy
And so was the football much of the time as Pittsburgh fumbled and bumbled and rumbled past Oakland to the Super Bowl

January 12, 1976 | Ray Kennedy
Walter Browne is briefly motionless, not the normal state for this go-go grandmaster who feels he can beat anybody at anything—and the Russians at chess

January 12, 1976
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Washington won four in a row to reclaim the Central Division lead from Atlanta. In the last game, a 119-104 defeat of Philadelphia, Elvin Hayes scored a season high of 37,...

January 12, 1976
8, 9—Walter Iooss Jr.10, 11—Neil Leifer, Jerry Cooke12, 13—Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr.14, 15—Marvin E. Newman17—John D. Hanlon18, 19—George Long, Rich Clarkson20—Rich Clarkson22—George...

January 12, 1976
Jon Svendsen, a senior at the University of California, scored the winning goal in a 9-8 defeat of UC Irvine to give the Bears their third straight NCAA water polo championship. Svendsen had 11...

January 12, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
IMMORTALSSir:I thoroughly enjoyed your year-end tribute to the Bicentennial (Dec. 22-29). About the only things that outshone your articles on colonial sport ("America Is Formed for Happiness")...