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February 02, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 5

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Sheila Young Cover - Sports Illustrated February 02, 1976

February 02, 1976 | Dan Jenkins

February 02, 1976 | Larry Keith
After three tepid seasons, Marquette's Earl Tatum is cooking, and the Warriors may have the recipe for a national title

February 02, 1976 | Pat Putnam
Foreman started stylishly, jabbing Ron Lyle, but after he was down and nearly out he became the old banger

February 02, 1976 | Curry Kirkpatrick

February 02, 1976
Right from the start, Austria promised the world a change for 1976: the show would be better, but not bigger—a return to the "simple games" concept of Squaw Valley in 1960. And now, $148 million...

February 02, 1976
Southern hospitality has its limits, and Robert F. Jones will be at the Daytona 24-Hour to see if NASCAR-style stock cars will be able to stop Porsche from scoring its fifth straight win.

February 02, 1976 | William Oscar Johnson

February 02, 1976 | Anita Verschoth
The secret is in a fast running start, and West Germans Wolfgang Zimmerer, Sapporo gold medalist, and new partner Manfred Schumann, a former hurdles champ, have the fastest, which indicates a lock...

February 02, 1976 | Neil Leifer
If photography is one of your pleasures, you may never get a better opportunity to shoot memorable sports pictures than in Innsbruck Feb. 4-14. The Winter Olympics are in many ways the most...

February 02, 1976 | Rick Telander
A review of a book like Fishwatchers Guide to West Atlantic Coral Reefs (Harrowood Books, Valley Forge, Pa., $6.95) must emphasize function as much as content. On the cover of this 64-page,...

February 02, 1976 | Kent Hannon
Deep in the heart of football territory, a talented bunch of players who prefer buckets to blitzes suddenly have established a wintertime toehold

February 02, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

February 02, 1976 | Anita Verschoth
The Olympic hope of Olympia Manor, Pauline Litowsky is, at 16, the most accomplished of all the athletes in residence at Coach Vannie Edwards' live-in training establishment

February 02, 1976 | Douglas S. Looney
Freedom Train, which features a sports car, is chugging the rails

February 02, 1976 | Russell Chatham
Worthy as the aim may be, the special season in Montana looks like a massacre, and it raises questions about the best way to thin a herd

February 02, 1976 | George Plimpton
The man searching for pro football talent spends his days in empty stands, stalking prospects at scrimmages, and his nights projecting gray, flickering game films on bed sheets that he has tacked...

February 02, 1976
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Last-place New York has played catch-up in the Atlantic Division since Dec. 12th, when its record stood at 8-19 and it was 12 games behind first-place Philadelphia. On Friday...

February 02, 1976
13—Sheedy & Long, Tony Triolo14, 15—Tony Triolo20—John Iacono, Manny Millan28, 29—Helmut Gritscher30—Eric Schweikardt, Jerry Cooke37—Jerry Cooke38, 39—Heinz Kluetmeier, Tony Triolo...

February 02, 1976
Mary Beth Cosgrove, a senior at Kings wood-Oxford School in West Hartford, Conn., was leading scorer on the undefeated (11-0) varsity girls' soccer team. A right wing, she scored 15 goals,...

February 02, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
TWIN BILLSir:Normally it takes a great deal to get me to pass up articles by Dan Jenkins and John Underwood, but once again Jule Campbell's swimsuit feature and the photographs by Kourken...

February 02, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

February 02, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Chris McCarron, champion jockey, idled by an injury: "I've gained a pound and a half. I consider that getting fat."