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March 01, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 9

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated March 01, 1976

March 01, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

March 01, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Leo Nomellini, All-Pro tackle with the San Francisco 49ers and later a professional wrestler, asked which is the tougher sport: "Oh, wrestling is much tougher. Every night you have to drive a lot...

March 01, 1976 | Mark Kram
Jamming the stadium, they came not to see the ludicrous show but the star. And with good reason, for Ali, embarking upon an unparalleled year, has far transcended his sport

March 01, 1976
Ali sat comfortably in his dressing room watching on TV as 27-year-old Jimmy Young, ranked No. 2 among heavyweight contenders by Ring Magazine, slapped and struggled his way to a 10-round decision...

March 01, 1976 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Boston met Golden State in what may have been a sneak preview of the NBA finals. The Warriors won, but the Celtics, bolstered by tempered temperamentalist Charlie Scott, showed their mettle

March 01, 1976
It was major league baseball's first interoffice picnic, a day out for the boys during which some of the game's biggest stars forgot about the reserve clause and Bowie Kuhn and had a jolly time...

March 01, 1976 | Kenny Moore

March 01, 1976 | Mark Kram

March 01, 1976
Blue-Chip boats on blue water make the Southern circuit winter's top ocean racing, and never has competition been more intense. Three-time SORC champion Carleton Mitchell reports.

March 01, 1976 | Rick Telander

March 01, 1976 | Larry Keith
It was put there by Willie Smith, who keeps Missouri's team purring

March 01, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

March 01, 1976 | John A. Meyers
Beginning 21 years ago with a parody entitled SPOTS ILLUSTRATED in Dart, the Dartmouth College humor magazine, SI has been frequently skewered on the pens of undergraduate satirists and their...

March 01, 1976 | Jim Kaplan
Down but far from out, Gretchen Spruance righted herself to beat Barbara Maltby and win the U.S. women's title in Philadelphia, where the talk was of the game's word-of-mouth explosion

March 01, 1976 | Jack Knights
An ingenious sail-and-rudder rig turns a rowboat into a sailboat

March 01, 1976 | Bil Gilbert
This is the summer to freewheel across America and sleep under star-spangled skies. Bikecentennial is putting people on the right track

March 01, 1976 | Roy Blount Jr.
Presenting: the possum. Once he wowed Ferdinand and Isabella. But America wearied of him, and soon he was on the road to ruin, smote by slander, smashed by cars. But possums in Alabama no longer...

March 01, 1976 | Robert Cantwell
If you climb to the Continental Divide in western Wyoming, about 75 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, and locate a place called Knapsack Col, you can look down from the heights and see the...

March 01, 1976
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: Of the nine teams in the Western Conference only one, Golden State, had a winning record at the beginning of the week. The Warriors' 100-94 defeat of Atlantic leader Boston...

March 01, 1976
4—Thomas W. Vanderschmidt14, 15—Howard Bingham, Herb Scharfman, Harry Benson16, 17—Howard Bingham, Herb Scharfman18—Hank de Lespinasse26—Eric Schweikardt, Anthony Edgeworth31—Zig Leszczynski32,...

March 01, 1976
Rhonda Rape, a fifth-grader from Cherry Creek Rapids, Colo., held 12 top-10 U.S. age-group swim rankings in 1975. In the backstroke she set a 10-and-under record in the 50-meter (34.58) and had...

March 01, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
HUMAN OLYMPICSSir:I like to think of myself as a typical, red-blooded American male. But lately I've been worried that something might be wrong. I got a bigger thrill out of your photo of Sheila...