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May 03, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 18

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Mike Schmidt Cover - Sports Illustrated May 03, 1976

May 03, 1976 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney

May 03, 1976 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney
•Jud Heathcote, comparing the turnout of 50 reporters at his first news conference as Michigan State basketball coach with that at a press conference held when he took over at Montana: "He and I...

May 03, 1976 | Pat Putnam

May 03, 1976 | Joe Marshall
Last Saturday morning Steve Williams, the world's No. 1 sprinter, lay in a narrow bed in a narrow room at the University of Pennsylvania. Outside his window a loudspeaker was announcing the...

May 03, 1976 | Joe Jares
Last Saturday afternoon at the Mt. SAC Relays at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, Calif., a pleasant southerly breeze was blowing through the open-ended stadium as 6'4", 260-pound Mac Wilkins...

May 03, 1976 | Larry Keith

May 03, 1976 | William Leggett

May 03, 1976
Bernard Fuchs, the artist whose impressions of Derby Day begin on the opposite page with a view of a solitary morning workout, is an occasional bettor. He was $50 ahead last year at Churchill...

May 03, 1976
A tactical gem is expected at the Kentucky Derby with Braulio Baeza on Honest Pleasure pitting wits against Angel Cordero on Bold Forbes over 1¼ miles. William Leggett reports the duel.

May 03, 1976 | Ernest Havemann
Far more than the horse's day of days, the first Saturday in May makes Bourbons of the people, uniting them in a freshly minted celebration of today's equine heroes and yesterday's heroics

May 03, 1976 | Sam Moses

May 03, 1976 | Frank Deford

May 03, 1976 | Frank Deford
The Deep is one of those dreadful novels written periodically by the celebrated By The Author Of. The last time out, By The Author Of wrote Jaws, a saga of a shark and people. Alas, in this, his...

May 03, 1976 | Ron Fimrite
Houston's on top, just where L.A.'s not, in the upside-down division

May 03, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

May 03, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf
WILLIE HORTON: The designated hitter for Detroit went 12 for 22 (.545), scored six times, drove across 11 runs and walloped three home runs, one of them a three-run blast that carried the Tigers...

May 03, 1976 | J. D. Reed
Philadelphia's Stanley Cup champions survived the Toronto war, while New York's Islanders routed Buffalo and charged off to battle Montreal

May 03, 1976 | Paul A. Witteman
But in the doubles world Freddy McNair (left) and his partner Sherwood Stewart are now No. 2

May 03, 1976 | Kenny Moore

May 03, 1976
BASKETBALL—NBA: Boston began pursuit of its 13th league championship by taking a 2-1 lead over Buffalo in their best-of-seven series. John Havlicek suffered an injured left foot as the Celtics won...

May 03, 1976
11—drawing by Arnold Roth14, 15—Mark Kauffman16, 17—Heinz Kluetmeier (2), Walter Iooss Jr.18, 19—Heinz Kluetmeier26—Jerry Cooke (6), Neil Leifer42, 43—Michael Salas-PEOPLE, Bob Aronowitz63—George...

May 03, 1976
Gilberto Castilla, 17, of Silver Spring, Md., a senior forward, captained the undefeated Montgomery Blair High soccer team to the state championship. Castilla also won back-to-back: state...

May 03, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
JOCKS FOR JESUSSir:Congratulations to Frank Deford on his discerning article Religion in Sport (April 19). Malcolm Boyd is right, of course, for what Deford describes is not so much religion in...