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May 10, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 19

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Angel Cordero Cover - Sports Illustrated May 10, 1976

May 10, 1976 | Jonathan Yardley
Sixteen years ago, The Circle Home, a realistic, richly detailed novel about a boxer near the end of his rope, was published. As is so often the case with novels by relatively unknown writers, it...

May 10, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:I share your indignation over the non-sport that hockey has become (, April 26). I am currently a second-year law student. At the time of the Forbes-Boucha affair, I was on hockey's side,...

May 10, 1976 | John Hopkins
The latest model of the Rolls-Royce, the world's most famous car, is now available in the U.S. Since its introduction in the United Kingdom the Camargue, as it is known, has been a stunning...

May 10, 1976 | Bill Verigan
"If you're going to be in a racing car, you drive mile after mile after mile. Sooner or later, the odds are you'll make a mistake or somebody working on the car will make a mistake, or the guy who...

May 10, 1976 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney

May 10, 1976 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney
•Norm Cash, former Detroit Tiger slugger who holds the team record for career strikeouts, 1,081: "Prorated at 500 at bats a year, that means that for two years out of the 14 I played, I never...

May 10, 1976 | William Leggett

May 10, 1976 | Mark Kram
Muhammad Ali seemed eager to give his title away, but Jimmy Young just didn't have the heart to take it

May 10, 1976 | Dan Jenkins
Failing to qualify for the last 36 holes has become an unhappy habit with Arnold Palmer, whose weekends are free

May 10, 1976 | Curry Kirkpatrick

May 10, 1976 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

May 10, 1976
The big eight, from the WCT, meet in Dallas to decide the Big One. Curry Kirkpatrick reports as Arthur Ashe defends his title against the likes of Guillermo Vilas, Bjorn Borg, Raul Ramirez.

May 10, 1976 | Bil Gilbert

May 10, 1976 | William Leggett
It may be unfair to say that Monday Night Baseball, as it has been presented by ABC so far this season, is the worst television treatment ever given a major sport, because by all odds somebody at...

May 10, 1976 | Robert Boyle
To a familiar lineup of players both young and old, the Brewers have added a fresh ingredient—a manager with a recipe for success

May 10, 1976 | Jim Kaplan

May 10, 1976 | Jim Kaplan
JEFF BURROUGHS: The Texas rightfielder returned to his 1974 Most Valuable Player form by going 7 for 14 and clouting two three-run homers as the Rangers swept three games from Boston. He hit...

May 10, 1976 | Michael Baughman
For many anglers, hatchery-raised steelhead have lost their mettle

May 10, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf
Olympic hope Wade Schalles specializes in improbable pins

May 10, 1976
So says Vic Braden, teacher, psychologist, stand-up comic, who is convinced most players fail to live up to their potential because they don't consider the physical laws governing the game. Here,...

May 10, 1976 | John A. Meyers
If the photographs that accompany the article on tennis instructor Vic Braden, which begins on page 78, look like nothing you've ever seen, that's understandable. None like them have been produced...

May 10, 1976 | Frank Deford
When he stands up, Vic Braden sounds like a combination of Norman Vincent Peale and Rodney Dangerfield, but attentive students listen—and learn

May 10, 1976
BASKETBALL—NBA: The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics won their quarterfinal-round playoff series in the East and now square off for the conference championship (page 34). Washington...

May 10, 1976
Layne Kopischka has coached the Laramie (Wyo.) Senior High boys' swim team to 22 straight victories and the girls' team to 36 consecutive wins. His boys' team had a 12-0 record and won the 1976...

May 10, 1976
8—John G. Zimmerman24—drawing by Arnold Roth26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier28, 29—Stephen Green-Armytage, Neil Leifer (2)34, 35—Heinz Kluetmeier, Carl Iwasaki60—courtesy ABC-TV62—Art Shay68—illustration...