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June 07, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 23

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Dave Cowens Cover - Sports Illustrated June 07, 1976

June 07, 1976
BOXING—MUHAMMAD ALI retained his world heavyweight title with a fifth-round TKO of England's gallant Richard Dunn in Munich. Ali, weighing in at 220, knocked the 206½-pound Dunn down five times...

June 07, 1976
11—Drawing by Arnold Roth16-19—Neil Leifer, John Olson, Tony Triolo24, 25—Tony Triolo, George Long26—Ross Lewis42, 43—Fred Kaplan-Black Star57—Eric Schweikardt58—Herb Scharfman64, 66—John D....

June 07, 1976
Kelley Cornish, 18, won 13 varsity letters in her sports career at Easton (Pa.) High School: four in field hockey, four in basketball, four in softball and one in track and field, a record for...

June 07, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
MONTREAL'S CUPSir:The Philadelphia Flyers won the Stanley Cup the past two years, yet there was no SI cover of them at the time of either championship victory. Montreal wins this year and, presto,...

June 07, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

June 07, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Jerome Whitehead, Marquette basketball player, after a tour to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo: "It's an unbelievable situation when 25,000 people are booing you and throwing cups and garbage at...

June 07, 1976 | Sam Moses
Make that the 255. Cooling it under cover in the pits after rain cut short his spirited duel with A. J. Foyt, Gentleman Johnny Rutherford learned he had won the day

June 07, 1976 | Barry McDermott
After two lackluster losses to the Celtics, Phoenix came home and put life in the NBA finals. The victory showed that rookie Alvan Adams could hang in there with the old folks when the pressure was on

June 07, 1976 | Dan Jenkins
The course you built, Jack, is pleasing to the eye, but the guys who had to go out and play it were lucky to escape alive

June 07, 1976 | Clive Gammon

June 07, 1976
The U.S. Open takes place in Atlanta, home of Bobby Jones, and so it is appropriate to recall what a remarkable record Jones established in that famed tournament. Frank Hannigan does.

June 07, 1976 | Philip Singerman

June 07, 1976 | Ron Fimrite

June 07, 1976 | William Leggett
It is rare for television to allow an unknown to work sporting events on camera in any market, let alone a major one. Local station managers seem as convinced as network executives that audiences...

June 07, 1976 | Larry Keith
Ron LeFlore was not in Detroit's lineup on Opening Day, but then he swung out on the longest American League hitting streak in 27 years

June 07, 1976 | Katharine Lowry
Not long ago New York's Whitney Museum did some inept but well-intentioned pioneering with a symposium called "Articulate Muscle: The Male Body in Art"—a presentation of three Mr. Universe types...

June 07, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

June 07, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf
KEN BRETT: The White Sox lefthander, acquired from the Yankees two weeks ago, was within one out of a no-hitter when Jerry Remy of California scratched out an infield single. But Brett went on to...

June 07, 1976 | Bruce Newman
An ancient martial art had lots of language scholars rocking

June 07, 1976 | Ron Reid
Sporting strangely conservative threads, free agent Fullback John Riggins jets around the league trying to peddle his services for $1.5 million

June 07, 1976 | Joe Marshall
Cornell came from far behind to win a thriller of an NCAA final

June 07, 1976 | Kent Hannon
Goaded by his father, a professor with a passion for martial arts, Freddie Simons has earned his black belt at the remarkably early age of eight

June 07, 1976 | M. J. Sebastian Smith
One of the contradictions of bicycling has been: the cheaper the bike, the softer the ride. A superior bike, made with aircraft-quality tubing (selling for $300 and up) handles with precision, but...

June 07, 1976 | Clive Gammon

June 07, 1976 | Frank Deford
In college I took a creative-writing course in which the visiting professor was Kingsley Amis, then celebrated as one of Britain's Angry Young Men. One of his first questions was who were my...

June 07, 1976 | Frank Deford
There have been so many complaints this year that the presidential primary system has become too unwieldy and impractical that I suggest the politicians borrow from sports in determining the 1980...