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June 28, 1976 | Volume 44, Issue 26

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Bowie Kuhn Cover - Sports Illustrated June 28, 1976

June 28, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

June 28, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Andre (The Giant) Roussinoff, 462-pound wrestler: "I eat about three times as much as the average person. When I go into a restaurant I order three courses, but ask the waiter to stagger the...

June 28, 1976 | Dan Jenkins

June 28, 1976 | Ron Fimrite

June 28, 1976 | Larry Keith
Jerry Kapstein, the 32-year-old attorney who represents more high-priced playing talent than any other agent in baseball, found himself in a most unusual situation last week: he agreed completely...

June 28, 1976 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

June 28, 1976
In the far West U.S. track and field athletes turn the Trials into a rousing mini-Olympics of their own. Pat Putnam and Kenny Moore report on the nine days of action from Eugene, Ore.

June 28, 1976 | Bil Gilbert

June 28, 1976 | Bil Gilbert
Like frontiersman Joe Walker, you can put an ear to the ground and hear the sound of the Pacific.

June 28, 1976 | John A. Meyers
Bil Gilbert needs no special introduction, having contributed articles to SI since 1961. The first was titled The Haunted Life of a Pigeonnapper. The latest is a three-part story dealing with...

June 28, 1976 | Myron Cope

June 28, 1976 | Douglas S. Looney
Could Eastern Michigan, a small school in the long-john latitudes, find happiness in the College World Series? Yes, but Arizona found a bit more

June 28, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

June 28, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf
HENRY AARON: Milwaukee's 42-year-old designated hitter, who had just two homers all season, walloped four and increased his career total to 751. Aaron batted .368, had seven RBIs and beat the A's...

June 28, 1976 | William Leggett
East and West, the handicap stars were dimmed and soundly drubbed

June 28, 1976 | Douglas S. Looney
All my friends put up basketball hoops for their youngsters. Of course, they don't do it for the kids. Everybody knows the kids will take three shots and become bored, at which time they'll tie a...

June 28, 1976 | Anita Verschoth
When Olympic Coach Jackie Simes chose the pursuit team, Innsbruck champion Sheila Young saw him tap both her brother and her fiancé

June 28, 1976 | Frank Deford
So long, ABA. Four teams were swallowed by the NBA and the other two will be scattered to the winds—and the bottom-liners shed not a tear

June 28, 1976 | Robert H. Boyle
The second fight between George Foreman and Joe Frazier turned out to be a repeat of the first, with Frazier beaten, and this time for good

June 28, 1976 | E.L. Doctorow

June 28, 1976 | J. D. Reed
Suppose you stepped into an elevator and found Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, George Blanda, Tommy Bolt, Jimmy Connors, Larry Csonka, Wilt Chamberlain, Tom Seaver, Pancho Gonzales, Pelé,...

June 28, 1976
ARCHERY—DARRELL PACE, 19, of Reading, Ohio, scored 2,570 points to lead the qualifying at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Oxford, Ohio. Joining him on the men's team will be RICK McKINNEY, 22, of...

June 28, 1976
Judi Warren, a senior at Warsaw (Ind.) High, averaged 20.7 points, seven assists and five steals, leading her team to a 20-0 record and the girls' state basketball championship. The 5'1" guard was...

June 28, 1976
4—Anthony Donna15—drawing by Arnold Roth19—Tony Triolo20, 21—Tony Triolo (2), Walter Iooss Jr.26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier (2), James Drake28—Heinz Kluetmeier51—Tony Tomsic68—Herb Scharfman72,...

June 28, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
HOOPS AND CORKSSir:Your report on the NBA playoffs (Call Them Champs Again, June 14) is unfair to the Celtics and Coach Tom Heinsohn. The Celtics proved once again they are the best team in...

June 28, 1976 | Nancy McKeon
The ad in the Wall Street Journal read: "Curious about Thoroughbred investment?" To the great surprise of the Thoroughbred Breeders of Kentucky, which placed the ad, more than 550 readers were...