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November 29, 1976 | Volume 45, Issue 22

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Rickey Green Cover - Sports Illustrated November 29, 1976

November 29, 1976 | Bil Gilbert
When it comes to animal writing, the publishing Establishment too often seems to believe that for a book to become popular, otters, lions, quail or whatever must be portrayed as odd humans in...

November 29, 1976
PRO BASKETBALL—Golden State still seems to be in a daze left over from last season's upset by Phoenix in the playoffs. It finished the week with a 7-7 record, third-best in the Pacific Division....

November 29, 1976
8—Tony Triolo18—drawing by Arnold Roth42, 43—John Iacono, Heinz Kluetmeier, James Drake45—Heinz Kluetmeier46, 47—Neil Leifer (2), John D. Hanlon48—Manny Millan49-74—illustrations by James...

November 29, 1976
KEVIN MURPHYLONDON, ENGLANDA reporter for the London Evening Standard, Murphy, 27, swam Loch Ness from Fort Augustus to Lochend (with temperatures as low as 49° F.) in 10½ hours, to lower the...

November 29, 1976 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:The NBA may have the most exciting league in the history of sports, but you've made it even better by allowing Curry Kirkpatrick to tell us about it (, Nov. 15). He can certainly turn a...

November 29, 1976 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

November 29, 1976 | John Underwood

November 29, 1976 | Peter Gammons

November 29, 1976 | Douglas S. Looney
But Instant—as in Instant Offense—is what non-starters Campy Russell and Austin Carr have been for the Cavs

November 29, 1976 | Robert F. Jones

November 29, 1976 | Dan Jenkins
The Los Angeles Rams have been spending most of the 1976 season looking for a quarterback. Or rather, they have spent most of the season looking at—and alternately rejecting—their three available...

November 29, 1976 | Barry McDermott
For the first time in years the battle for the national title is wide open, but Michigan is favored to cut the cords after the final buzzer

November 29, 1976
What we have here is Bobby Knight of Indiana, coach, doing what most coaches do at least part of every game. Rage. In calmer moments they shout, scream and rant. They have also been known to chew...

November 29, 1976 | Larry Keith
Observe now the college basketball coach: his eyes are glassy, his tie askew and his arms flap disjointedly at his sides. He has come to this sorry state after constant harassment by complaining...

November 29, 1976 | Larry Keith
Some coaches don't have to worry about their jobs, at least not this year—namely, the men in charge of the teams in the Top 20 and in the Best of the Rest. Scouting reports on these teams are...

November 29, 1976

November 29, 1976
Red Cobras are what Latin American boxers ride in when they reach the top—and a lot of them are getting there. Of the 25 titles, 16 are held by Latins. Pat Putnam describes the hard road they have...

November 29, 1976

November 29, 1976 | Kent Hannon
What's in a name? For instance, try visualizing Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. Inner-city location. Old brick building that looks more like a factory than a school. Immediate...

November 29, 1976 | Nancy Williamson
If you have all five starters back on a team that has won two straight AIAW titles, put together a 61-1 record over the past two seasons and made Cleveland, Miss. (pop. 15,000) the capital of...

November 29, 1976 | Nancy Williamson

November 29, 1976 | John A. Meyers
Pulling together a special section such as this week's college basketball preview, which begins on page 42, is certainly nothing new to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. We have been producing such preseason...

November 29, 1976 | William Leggett
Jim O'Gorman is a 47-year-old production stage manager for NBC Sports, and his job puts him on the road as much as anyone in television this side of Charles Kuralt, CBS' peripatetic reporter who...

November 29, 1976 | Larry Keith

November 29, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf

November 29, 1976 | Herman Weiskopf
DEFENSE: Sophomore Gary Johnson, a 6'5", 252-pound guard, made 13 solo tackles, helped out on three others, caused a fumble and four times threw Longhorn runners for losses in Baylor's 20-10 upset...

November 29, 1976 | Frank Deford