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January 10, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 2

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Tony Dorsett Cover - Sports Illustrated January 10, 1977

January 10, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—When Julius Erving was traded by the New York Nets to the 76ers in a deal worth at least $6.5 million, enthusiastic Philadelphians predicted an 82-0 record and sportswriters made...

January 10, 1977
4—Manny Millan9—drawing by Arnold Roth14, 15—Walter Iooss Jr.16, 17—James Drake18, 19—Neil Leifer22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr., Heinz Kluetmeier83—John D. Hanlon86—Manny Millan88—AP96, 97—Lane...

January 10, 1977
KATHY DANIELSONCHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y.In the New York State Sec. 6 Girls Gymnastics Meet, Kathy, 17, won all events—side horse, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise—and the all-events title with...

January 10, 1977 | Edited by Gay Flood
MAN AND HIS ENVIRONMENTSir:My compliments on the article My Country, 'Tis of Thee (Dec. 20-27). Bil Gilbert did an excellent job of describing the history of the environmental movement and its...

January 10, 1977 | John Underwood

January 10, 1977 | Joe Jares
John Robinson and John Madden, head coaches respectively of the USC Trojans and Oakland Raiders, have been buddies since the fifth grade at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Daly City, near San...

January 10, 1977 | Barry McDermott
Led by the Sugar Bowl Classic's MVP, Mike Jones (above), unabashed—and undefeated—Cincinnati won at New Orleans, beating Indiana's stormy knights

January 10, 1977

January 10, 1977 | Pat Putnam

January 10, 1977
Super Bowl XI is Super Bowl IV for the Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl II for the Oakland Raiders, two teams that have never won pro football's big game. Dan Jenkins is perched in the press box...

January 10, 1977 | Art Lee

January 10, 1977 | John A. Meyers
By conventional standards. Mason Smith, whose story on winter deer hunting, Without Elegance, After So Much Desiring, begins on page 98, would be considered an eccentric, a reputation for which...

January 10, 1977 | Larry Keith
Nationally ranked and fighting for the Southwest Conference title, Arkansas' homegrown talent is showing its fans that football isn't the only game in town

January 10, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

January 10, 1977 | Peter Gammons
With an infusion of youth and muscle, the Rangers find some respectability

January 10, 1977 | Jim Kaplan
Cash registers keep jangling for the Toronto and Seattle expansion teams

January 10, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 10, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Harry Walker, former major league baseball player and manager, on his reaction when he was given a $2,500 bonus to sign with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1939: "I felt like one of those instant...

January 10, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The home-court advantage has always been a big plus in the NBA, but this season it's a whole lot bigger. The main reason is a different kind of schedule. Other factors are deeper benches, more...

January 10, 1977 | Dan Levin
It was touch and go for Nantucket last week, but the west wind held, nudging the Argo Merchant's oil spill out to sea, where birds may be dying by the thousands

January 10, 1977 | Mason Smith