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February 14, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 7

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Cover - Sports Illustrated February 14, 1977

February 14, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Abdul-Jabbar is putting up a Moon Ball, Jerry West is coaching up a storm and the Lakers are up at the top

February 14, 1977 | Pat Putnam
With Muhammad Ali's trainer, Angelo Dundee, working in his corner, Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard brought boxing back to Baltimore, whipping Luis Vega and collecting a cool $40,044 in his...

February 14, 1977 | Larry Keith
Old champ Indiana has been evicted, but Michigan, Minnesota and Purdue are elbowing each other to occupy the Big Ten penthouse

February 14, 1977 | Coles Phinizy
A classy fleet had to play ketch-up behind the big yacht Kialoa in the key race of the SORC series

February 14, 1977 | William Oscar Johnson
Some come to ski, but many come to ski and be seen doing their number, and there are no better spots than the trails under the lift lines. From California's Mammoth Mountain at right, where Chair...

February 14, 1977
Sparks fly on the superspeedways when a driver "lays a little metal" on a rival. And sometimes fists fly in the pits as a result. NASCAR's winningest drivers—Richard Petty, David Pearson and Bobby...

February 14, 1977 | Kenny Moore

February 14, 1977 | Kent Hannon
A salute to VMI, not long ago 1-25, but now marching toward a 25-1 record

February 14, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

February 14, 1977 | Melissa Ludtke
When Ray Gandolf leaves for work it is dark. A taxi, unimpeded by traffic, whisks him down 40 blocks on Manhattan's West Side, coming to a halt outside the low, red brick building that houses CBS'...

February 14, 1977 | Dan Levin
Who is only one of the hermit crabs Glen Spence wears on his head and takes into bars for beer while campaigning to make Florida's Keys safe for the critters

February 14, 1977 | Peter Gammons
...hammer in the evening, or so L.A. owner Jack Kent Cooke thought when he acquired Dave (Hammer) Schultz. But Schultz wants to make like a real player

February 14, 1977 | Jeannette Bruce
That was the scene at the nationals, where the new athleticism held sway

February 14, 1977 | Clive Gammon

February 14, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—With 15 losses in their previous 16 games, the New York Nets made two moves that appeared to weaken them even more—trading 20.8-points-per-game Guard John Williamson to Indiana and...

February 14, 1977
9—drawing by Arnold Roth18—John Iacono20, 21—Rich Clarkson (2), John Kenney38—John D. Hanlon42—Herb Scharfman46—Eric Schweikardt49—George Long53—Manny Millan71—George B. Clay Sr., Jerry Cooke

February 14, 1977
MARK IACOVELLIITHACA, N.Y.A 126-pound senior at Ithaca High, Mark is a two-time state wrestling champion. In his four-year career he has won 120 matches, lost one and tied one. He was the 1975...

February 14, 1977 | Edited by Gay Flood
DANDY DONSSir:Barry McDermott's article (The Streaks of San Francisco, Jan. 31) was refreshing and inspiring. Too often college athletes are scorned for being immature. Coaches and spectators have...

February 14, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

February 14, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Earl Strom, NBA referee, to Philadelphia Trainer Al Domenico, who complained that Strom was assessing too many fouls against the 76ers in a game with Denver: "I don't count 'em, Al. I just call 'em."

February 14, 1977 | Arnold Schechter
On a black winter night in February 1903, One-Eyed McGee, Rat Westwick and the rest of the rough, sweat-soaked gang were whooping it up as their leader passed out the silver nuggets. These were...