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February 21, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 9

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 21, 1977

February 21, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

February 21, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Charles Johnson, Golden State guard, on breaking out of his two-month scoring slump: "Shooting is just like toenails. They may fall off occasionally, but you always know they'll come back."

February 21, 1977 | William Oscar Johnson

February 21, 1977 | William Leggett
Hutcheson winner Silver Series is the first of the '77 Derby colts to show his wares

February 21, 1977 | Barry McDermott
It is hoped that Louisville Coach Denny Crum enjoyed the first day of his wedding weekend, because the Vegas Rebels spoiled the second

February 21, 1977 | Douglas S. Looney

February 21, 1977
Thirsting for victory in the final event of the winter tour, the pro golfers wind up their Western swing with the prestigious L.A. Open at tough old Riviera. Sarah Pileggi catches their act before...

February 21, 1977 | Ray Kennedy
The Saturday night boxing shows staged in the ballroom of the old Americus Hotel are both a redolent reflection of the two-fisted past of Allentown, Pa. and a slam-bang success

February 21, 1977 | Nancy Williamson
Kay, Debbie and Susan Yow, all wows as players, have made coaching bows

February 21, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

February 21, 1977 | Virginia Kraft
The auerhahn is a wary bird, but love is its undoing. The only time a hunter can approach is during its song of wooing

February 21, 1977 | Peter Gammons
Confronted by the worst winter in Buffalo history, the snowbound Sabres came up cold in January but defeated Boston last week to heat up the Adams race

February 21, 1977 | Joe Jares
Bruce Lietzke has attacked the tour for two wins and $123,350 in five events

February 21, 1977 | Richard Petty

February 21, 1977
ARCHERY—RICHARD McKINNEY of Muncie, Ind. scored 2,501 points to defeat Japan's Takashi Kamei for the men's individual title at the world championships in Canberra, Australia. LUANN RYON of...

February 21, 1977
10—drawing by Arnold Roth20, 21—Eric Schweikardt42—John D. Hanlon54—Manny Millan56—Lane Stewart

February 21, 1977
SHARON SCHREYERLOGANSPORT, IND.Averaging 31 points, seven rebounds, six steals and three assists per game, Sharon has led the Lewis Cass High girls' basketball team to a 15-0 record this season....

February 21, 1977 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:I was more upset than surprised by Kent Hannon's article about the recruiting of Albert King (, Feb. 7). It is certainly not Albert or his considerable talents that bother me, but rather the...

February 21, 1977 | John A. Meyers
This week SPORTS ILLUSTRATED readers will be seeing double. In addition to their weekly copy of the magazine, subscribers will be receiving as part of their subscription a copy of the special...