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March 21, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 13

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Paul Silas Cover - Sports Illustrated March 21, 1977

March 21, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

March 21, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Henry O. Nichols, acting chairman of Villanova's department of education and one of the nation's top college basketball officials, on how he behaves when he is a spectator at a Villanova game:...

March 21, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 21, 1977 | Sam Moses
Rain turned the Daytona 200 Motorcycle Classic into half of what everyone expected, which was just fine with Yamaha factory rider Steve Baker. He handily won his first official 750-cc. world...

March 21, 1977 | Barry McDermott
But only the NCAA champion will get it. Will it be Michigan? UCLA? Or will it be a team that lost to Georgia Southern earlier in the season?

March 21, 1977
Reincarnation is but one of many beliefs hockey goalies subscribe to. Others indulge in undressing and dressing rituals and munching lucky sprigs of heather. Jerry Kirshenbaum reports on an...

March 21, 1977 | Frank Deford

March 21, 1977 | Rick Telander
In the small, mountain-encircled community of Lewistown, Mont., big men from big places compete every March in a 28-game, four-day basketball jamboree. It may not match the NCAA playoffs, but...

March 21, 1977 | Ron Rau

March 21, 1977 | Melissa Ludtke
Bowling for Dollars is televised sport's answer to Let's Make a Deal. Under whatever name you see the show—different versions appear nightly in 16 different cities—the contestants are straight out...

March 21, 1977 | Jim Kaplan
Major league scouts have their eyes on Florida State's Terry Kennedy, a long-ball hitter with an arm like Bench's

March 21, 1977 | John A. Meyers
Roy Blount Jr., whose article on sporting Atlanta begins on page 74, has sent us an addendum on how things have been going for the city since he left it to its own devices 18 years ago.

March 21, 1977 | Sam Moses
The medals may be pins and the races easy, but everybody stars in NASTAR

March 21, 1977 | Jule Campbell
Frank Shorter has come up with running gear that is also dry, cool and warm

March 21, 1977 | Roy Blount Jr.

March 21, 1977 | Virginia Kraft
Look again. It isn't a bird and it isn't a plane. It's a Heli-Home. And if this contraption isn't the ultimate in sporting luxury, it's right up there. Depending on how you approach it, the...

March 21, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—With Rudy Tomjanovich scoring a total of 100 points, Houston won four straight to move ahead of Washington and take over first place in the Central Division for the first time since...

March 21, 1977
6—Leviton-Atlanta15—drawing by Arnold Roth26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier, Stanley Chan28, 29—James Drake, Rich Clarkson30, 31—Manny Millan32—Walter Iooss Jr.44, 45—Neil Leifer46—Ron Rau52—Lane...

March 21, 1977
DICK HANNULATACOMA, WASH.Hannula has coached the Woodrow Wilson High swimming team to an unprecedented 18 successive class AA state championships. His record at the school, which spans 19 years,...

March 21, 1977 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:Your red-tape award (SCORECARD, March 14) was given to the wrong association. What's more, I don't think it was deserved.