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April 18, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 17

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Tom Watson Cover - Sports Illustrated April 18, 1977

April 18, 1977 | Lowell Cohn
The Count de Sivrac was an ingenious fellow. In 1791 he invented perhaps one of the first functioning bicycles, a crude, pedal-less monstrosity on which he would tool around the palace by pushing...

April 18, 1977 | Bob Cairns
Two of my grandfather's great loves were radio and baseball. Those enthusiasms must be implanted in my family's genes, because although I've grown from a mere lad to an otherwise normal man in the...

April 18, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—Amidst threats of a referees' walkout in the playoffs, 14 officials struck all eight games on the last day of the regular schedule and were replaced by standby referees from the...

April 18, 1977
19—drawing by Arnold Roth24, 25—Neil Leifer26, 27—Manny Millan28—Manny Millan29—Walter Iooss Jr.30, 31—Fred Kaplan54, 59—Harry Benson65—Lindberg Productions, Inc.68—Mickey Pfleger73, 74—Phil...

April 18, 1977
ROBERT BRINGHURSTLA VERNE, CALIF.A 35-year-old fire fighter, Bringhurst broke the world all-tackle record for German brown trout by 1 pound, 14 ounces when he landed a 33-pound, 10-ounce specimen...

April 18, 1977
WINDUP IN ATLANTASir:You gave proper tribute in your NCAA basketball finals story to a man who made believers out of many skeptics (Al, You Went Out in Style, April 4). Talk about style. At one...

April 18, 1977 | Arnold Schechter
Remember, as a kid, when no one in the world mattered as much as your sports hero? When you wore his number, copied his style, lived or died with every pitch? Remember that? Well, it is a...

April 18, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

April 18, 1977 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Bill Veeck, Chicago White Sox owner, asked whether free agents lean toward playing in Chicago and other big cities: "Not really, they lean toward cash."

April 18, 1977 | Dan Jenkins

April 18, 1977 | Walter Bingham
Danny Edwards did not expect to play golf last week, much less in Augusta. What he planned to do after the Greensboro Open was fly home to Edmond, Okla. where he lives with his parents and spend...

April 18, 1977 | Larry Keith
Somebody traded and somebody Blue. The once glorious A's began the season without eight of the players who started last year's opener. Owner Charles O. Finley has replaced them with a roster of...

April 18, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Eight teams go at each other tooth, nail and elbow in the NBA's two-out-of-three mini-series. The four battered survivors will get a shot at the divisional leaders, who look serenely on, waiting...

April 18, 1977
A year ago, when Co Rentmeester took these pictures at the Boston Marathon, 1,898 men and women were entered. This April 18, in the race's 81st running, there will be a field of 2,500....

April 18, 1977 | Walter Bingham
There were three of us, close friends, who used to run in the Boston Marathon. This was in the '60s when no qualifying time was necessary and the fields were considerably smaller. Not that we...

April 18, 1977 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 18, 1977 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
Captain Yvan Cournoyer (who underwent back surgery recently and will not skate in Montreal's Cup chase), Center Jacques Lemaire, handyman Jim Roberts and Defense-men Serge Savard, Guy Lapointe and...

April 18, 1977
The Iceman, otherwise known as George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs, Cometh to try to cool off the defending champion Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Curry Kirkpatrick...

April 18, 1977 | Virginia Kraft

April 18, 1977 | William Leggett
Perhaps The Superstars season is over on television for this year, but how can one really tell? Those who maintain that the hockey, basketball and baseball schedules are too long should note that...

April 18, 1977 | Joe Marshall
The coach was the first casualty in the reign of new 49er GM Joe Thomas

April 18, 1977 | Dick Miles
After China won both team titles, it was 'friendship first, competition second'

April 18, 1977 | Dan Levin
There is bad blood between preservationists like Brian Davies (above) and the Newfoundland fishermen who earn extra income from the slaughter of harp seals

April 18, 1977 | Frank Deford
Stanley Marsh's Amarillo spread—what with those buried Cadillacs, Night Tree and all—is something that will alter your vision forever. Intentionally