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May 02, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 19

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Reggie Jackson Cover - Sports Illustrated May 02, 1977

May 02, 1977
22, 23—Tony Triolo25—Stephen Northup-Camera 5, Christopher Little-Camera 526, 27—Art Shay, Ken Regan-Camera 569—Stephen Northup-Camera 575—illustration by Robert Cunningham78—George Long83—Hank...

May 02, 1977
NINA PORTERWILMINGTON, DEL.Nina, now 16, won both the U.S. and Canadian 15-and-under squash championships. A sophomore at the Wilmington Friends school, she has not lost a match in four years of...

May 02, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—Dave Cowens sank his first 11 field-goal attempts and finished with 37 points as Boston, ahead by 22 points in the third quarter, held on to beat Philadelphia 124-119 and even their...

May 02, 1977
AUGUSTA GREENSir:Give a Green Coat to Dandy Dan Jenkins for his great coverage of the Masters.A. G. MORANCincinnati

May 02, 1977 | Jonathan Yardley
All the evidence suggests that Arnold (Red) Auerbach of the Boston Celtics is one of the more interesting people in American sports. Leaving aside the astonishing string of championships his teams...

May 02, 1977 | Virginia Kraft
During lunch hour at any time of the year, and for much of the day in spring and summer, the doors of the Exxon Touring Service on Manhattan's West 50th Street seldom stop revolving. Eight men in...

May 02, 1977 | Edited by Ron Reid

May 02, 1977 | Edited by Ron Reid
•Arnold Schwarzenegger, six-time Mr. Universe, on what it is like to be beautiful: "Many times at the beach a good-looking lady will say to me, 'I want to touch you.' I always smile and say, 'I...

May 02, 1977 | Robert H. Boyle

May 02, 1977 | Pat Putnam
In a non-title fight, the two unbeaten bantamweights went zinging at one another. But when Zarate finally unloosed his Z-bombs everything went zilch for Zamora

May 02, 1977
The long road up from Olympic ruin has taken Duane Bobick to 38 boxing victories. Though his opponents were mostly no-names, now he gets a shot at Ken Norton and the big time. By Douglas Looney

May 02, 1977 | Larry Keith

May 02, 1977
...with practically everybody. Blue skies may be up above next week for 500 contestants and 25,000 spectators, but white water will be down below for the 20th running of the Hudson River Derby....

May 02, 1977 | Dan Levin
Two hundred and twenty-five miles north of Times Square the Hudson River sparkles. A canoeist who drinks from it will live to see another day, and he has a lot to live for—the river is a joy. So...

May 02, 1977 | Morton Sharnik

May 02, 1977 | John A. Meyers
Last week's article on Rich Buhrke and his collection of 876 major league baseballs set us to wondering what sort of memorabilia our own staff has been squirreling away over the years. The survey...

May 02, 1977 | Ron Fimrite
And so he has. In the town where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars, so do 39-year-old McCovey's rockets

May 02, 1977 | Jim Kaplan

May 02, 1977 | Jim Kaplan
RICK CAMP: Atlanta's 23-year-old rookie reliever had two saves and a win. In 8⅓ innings this season, he has allowed no runs and just six hits. Of the 25 men he has retired, 15 have grounded out...

May 02, 1977 | Bil Gilbert
As the timber wolf multiplies in northern Minnesota, its last stronghold in the lower 48 states, a fight heats up between conservationists, hunters and farmers

May 02, 1977 | Peter Gammons
Once the baddest of the Big Bad Bruins, Wayne Cashman has cleaned up his act. Boston's new captain now does his cutting before the game, as L.A. learned

May 02, 1977 | Lowell Cohn
It's the Hans Brinker obsession, the irresistible urge to put on a pair of skates and glide silently across the crystalline ice while your breath forms clouds in the frosty air, the need to cut...

May 02, 1977 | Joe Jares
Every fighter—and the audience—had their kicks coming as the heavy-, middle-and lightweight full-contact karate titles were contested in Las Vegas, where the sport managed a leap forward

May 02, 1977 | William Leggett
The Derby favorite was looking for a hard workout, but he only got a breeze

May 02, 1977 | Galen Rowell