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May 30, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 23

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Dave Parker Cover - Sports Illustrated May 30, 1977

May 30, 1977 | Edited by Ron Reid

May 30, 1977 | Edited by Ron Reid
•Earl Williams, Oakland A's right-handed slugger, reminded that his homer off Yankee Reliever Sparky Lyle was his first of eight homers this year off a lefthander: "I'm an equal opportunity hitter."

May 30, 1977 | Walter Bingham

May 30, 1977 | Peter Gammons
"It's early," Cub Manager Herman Franks has intoned almost every morning in May. "Let's wait a couple of months before we talk about pennant races." But as the Cubs, who have not finished in the...

May 30, 1977 | William Leggett
Seattle Slew waltzed off with the Preakness and only needs to lead his rivals a merry chase in the Belmont to become the first undefeated Triple Crown winner

May 30, 1977 | Sam Moses
In the past seven weeks Mario Andretti not only became the first man to break 200 at Indy, but he also won two Formula I races

May 30, 1977 | Dan Jenkins

May 30, 1977
Gentlemen, start your engines has been a traditional cry at the Indy 500, but this Sunday there will have to be a change because Janet Guthrie will be driving one of the 33 cars. Sam Moses reports...

May 30, 1977 | Sam Moses
Get it exactly right and there is a moment when everything around you is water, as though you had just jumped into life's great spin-dry cycle. And for surfers like the one at right and on the...

May 30, 1977 | Clive Gammon

May 30, 1977 | John A. Meyers
Warren Bolster, whose surfing photo essay begins on page 32 of this issue, got hooked on the sport in 1963, as a 16-year-old living in Sydney, Australia, where his father was the U.S. Consul...

May 30, 1977 | Frank Deford
It is one more irony that no one much listened to Muhammad Ali when he had something important to say (about Vietnam) but now, when he is little more than an unremitting bore, he is everywhere to...

May 30, 1977 | John Underwood

May 30, 1977 | Larry Keith

May 30, 1977 | Larry Keith
GAYLORD PERRY: By beating Detroit 6-3, he joined Cy Young and Jim Bunning as the only pitchers to win at least 100 games in each league. Perry, 234-192 in 15 seasons, earned 134 of his victories...

May 30, 1977 | Kent Hannon
Dan Magill does not claim he runs the University of Georgia without assistance. Others suggest this, and may be forgiven for the well-intentioned exaggeration

May 30, 1977 | Dan Levin
After Harvard avenged its lone defeat, trouncing Penn in the East, the Pac-8 inaugurated a regatta in which burly Washington clobbered Oregon State

May 30, 1977 | Edwin Shrake

May 30, 1977 | John Papanek
By now the American tennis boom is history, taking its place alongside the Industrial Revolution and the Space Age. This is evidenced not only by the sport's overexposure on television, the...

May 30, 1977 | Frank Deford

May 30, 1977 | Kathy Blumenstock
Recently, I saw a TV news show that told about retired police horses being given away by Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury. N.Y., where in their younger days they were used to control crowds of...

May 30, 1977
4—Warren Bolster13—drawing by SQW19—Tony Triolo20, 21—Manny Millan22, 23—Thomas Vanderschmidt, Manny Millan38, 39—Harry Benson40—Enrico Ferorelli45—courtesy Columbia Pictures46—Chuck Pratt48—John...

May 30, 1977
BOB KAYBLACK DIAMOND, WASH.Kay, 39, an aircraft air-conditioning engineer, bicycled 239 miles, one short of the U.S. record, in the Pacific Coast 12-hour Time Trial Championship near Salem, Ore....

May 30, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—Philadelphia took a 1-0 lead over Portland in the best-of-seven NBA championship series by beating the Trail Blazers 107-101 in Philadelphia. The 76ers outscored the Blazers by 12...

May 30, 1977
BLUE STREAKSir:Maybe the major league baseball season is not supposed to be a 100-yard dash, but a good start sure helps (In L.A. It's Up, Up and Away with Cey, May 16). I can guarantee Sparky...