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June 13, 1977 | Volume 46, Issue 25

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Bill Walton Cover - Sports Illustrated June 13, 1977

June 13, 1977
PIRACYSir:Happy days are here again in Pittsburgh and you have finally come to your senses and put the Pirates on the cover (It's Hard to Pass the Bucs, May 30). It's been worth the wait.BRAD...

June 13, 1977 | Edited by Ron Reid

June 13, 1977 | Edited by Ron Reid
•Pat Kelly, Baltimore Oriole outfielder, after a home run by Minnesota's Roy Smalley: "I looked in my glove and then on the ground. That left only one place—the other side of the fence."

June 13, 1977 | Larry Keith

June 13, 1977
Mathematical comparisons. Rates of compression. Coefficients of restitution. Come again? Isn't this baseball, the national pastime, in which the only thing that matters is, as they say, what goes...

June 13, 1977 | Clive Gammon
Even with a $2.8 million contract in hand, Franz Beckenbauer, the world's best soccer player—late of Munich's F.C. Bayern, the best team—had some trouble adjusting to New York and the Cosmos

June 13, 1977
The glory road is now just a mile and a half long for Seattle Slew. If he wins the Belmont, he will become the only unbeaten colt to take all three Triple Crown events in the 102 years they have...

June 13, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick

June 13, 1977 | Sarah Pileggi

June 13, 1977 | Douglas S. Looney

June 13, 1977 | William Leggett
On a mid-August afternoon in 1954 Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons, who trained Triple Crown winners Gallant Fox (1930) and Omaha (1935), was seated in a camp chair not far from the shore of Lake Desolation,...

June 13, 1977 | Jim Kaplan
To the cry of 'Let's go, An-ge-lo!' minor league ball is back in Jersey City

June 13, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

June 13, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf
DENNIS ECKERSLEY: The Cleveland right-hander pitched a no-hitter against California, winning 1-0 as he struck out 12 and walked one. Four days later he went 5⅔ innings before allowing a hit as he...

June 13, 1977 | John A. Meyers
If you've been losing sleep nights wondering whether this year's baseballs really are livelier than those of years past, rest easy: you will find the answer in the story beginning on page 22. The...

June 13, 1977 | Douglas S. Looney
In the first serious confrontation for 3-year-old trotters, the favorite had alibis for his loss, and the winner's time established his credentials for the Hambletonian

June 13, 1977 | Kent Hannon
Slow pitch, the game in which a player is as likely to swat as not, has gone pro. Ex-major-leaguers get most of the bucks, but unknowns get most of the belts

June 13, 1977 | Dan Levin
Fueled by 'Clem' Chapman's pancakes, Cornell beat Penn for the Varsity Cup

June 13, 1977 | Joe Marshall
Arizona State's doughty band of U.S. kids withstood the hordes of veteran foreigners and scraped and scrambled to their first NCAA title

June 13, 1977 | Lowell Cohn
Volmer Jensen of Glendale, Calif. is the ultimate backyard tinkerer. Now 67, he has devoted a lifetime to designing and building planes. And although he has only a high school education, he has...

June 13, 1977 | Robert H. Boyle

June 13, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—Portland overcame a two-game deficit and beat Philadelphia four straight to win the NBA championship (page 30). The Trail Blazers swept Games Three and Four at Portland by a total...

June 13, 1977
6—Tony Triolo13—drawing by SQW26—Tony Tomsic28, 29—George Tiedemann30, 31—Walter Iooss Jr.32—James Drake40—Anthony Donna, Barton Silverman52—George Tiedemann62—John Iacono66—Lane Stewart70—Manny...

June 13, 1977
GLORIA PARMENTIERALEXANDRIA, VA.Gloria, 19, won the gold medal in the junior three-position, free-rifle, small-bore event at the Benito Juarez (Mexico) Shooting Championships. Her score of 1,149 x...