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October 24, 1977 | Volume 47, Issue 17

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Billy Russell Cover - Sports Illustrated October 24, 1977

October 24, 1977 | Craig Buck
The Mojave Desert is alive with multicolored sails. The setting sun has painted the landscape orange and the shadows purple, and the yellow, orange, red and blue sails seem almost fluorescent....

October 24, 1977 | Edited By Gay Flood
STILL THE CHAMPIONSir:The Oct. 10 issue marks the 23rd time Muhammad Ali has appeared on your cover (the first time was in 1963). I know because all the others are on my wall, framed. I certainly...

October 24, 1977 | Jonathan Yardley
Many writers nowadays are trying to write about sports from a larger perspective, to treat sports as a manifestation—and an important one—of American society. Few of them are succeeding. Too often...

October 24, 1977 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

October 24, 1977 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Jim Wohlford, Milwaukee Brewer outfielder, on baseball: "Ninety percent of this game is half mental."

October 24, 1977 | Ron Fimrite

October 24, 1977 | Clive Gammon

October 24, 1977
Pro Basketball opens with Portland in the champion's seat and Blazermania rampant. Curry Kirkpatrick ponders that phenomenon in his assessment of the league, and John Papanek analyzes the...

October 24, 1977 | Kenny Moore

October 24, 1977 | George Plimpton

October 24, 1977 | William Leggett
Assessing the work of two TV networks when they are covering events in the same sport usually presents an obvious problem. Should one have exciting games while the other draws a succession of...

October 24, 1977 | Douglas S. Looney
And that's for sure. Recruiters stopped calling on I. M. Hipp when he was hurt in high school, so he borrowed his way to Nebraska and is hoppity-hipping to records

October 24, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

October 24, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf
OFFENSE: In his first start, Quarterback Marc Wilson completed 15 of 25 passes for 332 yards and seven touchdowns, plunged one yard for another six-pointer and guided BYU to a 63-17 victory over...

October 24, 1977 | J. D. Reed
The NASL champs flouted an unwritten rule and rattled everybody in college soccer by signing two undergraduates

October 24, 1977 | John Papanek
Happy but stepping warily, Detroit's Marvin Barnes gets out of the slammer

October 24, 1977 | William Leggett
Deciding on the champions is a guessing game this year, and the Champagne Stakes only kept arguments bubbling as Calumet Farm's Alydar reaffirmed his class

October 24, 1977 | Joe Marshall
The Falcons are not yet world-beaters, but there they are atop the NFC West

October 24, 1977 | William Oscar Johnson

October 24, 1977
CHESS—Grandmaster WALTER BROWNE of Berkeley, Calif. won his third straight U.S. championship when opponent Larry Christiansen of Riverside, Calif. conceded after 38 moves in the final round....

October 24, 1977
15—Drawing by SQW18, 19—Neil Leifer20—Walter Iooss Jr.21—Heinz Kluetmeier22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr. (left), Neil Leifer24—Tony Triolo (left), Walter Iooss Jr.25—Heinz Kluetmeier34—Tony Triolo...

October 24, 1977
MIKE ZACKSUMMIT, N.J.Zack, 25, won the first PGA National Assistant's Professional Championship at Brockton, Mass. with a one-under-par 209 for 54 holes. He played the two par-5 holes of the...

October 24, 1977 | George Gipe
No sports encyclopedia mentions Mary Marshall, an oversight that in the post-King-Riggs era ranks as an injustice of the first order. A century ago Marshall apparently was the first female to take...