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October 31, 1977 | Volume 47, Issue 18

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Maurice Lucas Cover - Sports Illustrated October 31, 1977

October 31, 1977 | Bill Bradley

October 31, 1977
PRO BASKETBALL—After receiving their championship rings from Commissioner Larry O'Brien, the Trail Blazers took the floor and promptly fell 13 points behind San Antonio, but Lionel Hollins popped...

October 31, 1977
6—Anthony Donna15—drawings by SQW24, 25—Neil Leifer, Co Rentmeester (insets)28—Walter Iooss Jr.29, 30—Heinz Kluetmeier50-58—illustrations by Thomas B. Allen62—Chuck Pratt72—John Iacono77—courtesy...

October 31, 1977
ERIN CAMPTOLEDO, OHIOErin, 11, a sixth grader at Whiteford Elementary School, swimming for the Greater Toledo Aquatic Club, won five of the seven individual events she entered in the Ohio AAU...

October 31, 1977 | Edited by Gay Flood
BUCKING BRONCOSSir:Egad! You put a Denver Bronco, Rubin Carter, on your cover (Oct. 17), but you did it just before our undefeated team was to play the undefeated Oakland Raiders. All I could...

October 31, 1977 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

October 31, 1977 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Bill Lee, Red Sox pitcher, asked to assess the results of the World Series after attending the final game: "I think there are going to be a lot of Reggies born in this town."

October 31, 1977 | Douglas S. Looney
Notre Dame Coach Dan Devine surprised his players by issuing them green jerseys, then his team went out and turned USC green around the gills with a 49-19 upset

October 31, 1977 | William Oscar Johnson
Much about the game smacked of a 19th century penny-dreadful melodrama. Underdog Minnesota rose up out of deepest adversity to smite the unbeaten favorites from Michigan 16-0—but only after an...

October 31, 1977 | Walter Bingham
...the Bronx and Staten Island, too—not to overlook the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, through which he led a record field of 4,823 marathoners to the finish line in Central Park, winning the...

October 31, 1977 | Dan Jenkins
New England's rushers threw Bert Jones for 53 yards in losses, held him to six completions, and the Patriots defeated the Colts to stay alive in the AFC East

October 31, 1977 | Ron Fimrite
His clobbering of L.A. and the record book with three home runs propelled Reggie Jackson into a whirl that touched all the bases

October 31, 1977
The second edition of baseball's reentry draft is apt to show that the owners are now cheaper and wiser. Larry Keith assesses the free agents' play in '77 and combs the draft list for bargains and...

October 31, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Portland's frenzied love affair with its Trail Blazers rages on as the pro basketball season gets going, but the Lakers, among other contenders, aim to cool the ardor

October 31, 1977
...the tough get going. The game is close and physical, but the other team is doing the intimidating—getting the big rebounds, shoving your pivotman, muscling your guards. Enter your Enforcer. The...

October 31, 1977 | John Papanek
Five very large men—and one little guy—were approached gingerly recently and asked this question: "Do you consider yourself an NBA enforcer?"

October 31, 1977 | Curry Kirkpatrick

October 31, 1977 | John A. Meyers
When Senior Editor Scot Leavitt decided a few months ago that we should take a look at some of the NBA's toughest customers for this week's pro basketball issue (The Enforcers, page 38), several...

October 31, 1977 | Ron Reid
Grambling's Doug Williams passed pros Bradshaw and Harris in the record book

October 31, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf

October 31, 1977 | Herman Weiskopf
OFFENSE: In a 42-17 win over William & Mary, Navy Tailback Joe Gattuso rushed 29 times for 250 yards and two TDs, passed 20 yards for another TD, caught three passes for 25 yards and returned...

October 31, 1977 | Pat Putnam
Jimmy Young, who meets Ken Norton next week, says survival is his bag

October 31, 1977 | Virginia Kraft
It looks god-awful, but the compound bow, with its easy draw and greater accuracy, is a winner

October 31, 1977 | J. D. Reed
The past lurks in remote corners of sport, is elevated to Halls of Fame, documented in record books and possibly exaggerated in the memories of aging athletes. History, however, no matter how...

October 31, 1977 | Peter Gammons
Terrible Ted Lindsay, once the baddest of the badmen, has taken charge of his old Detroit Red Wings, and he says that his players will be aggressive—or else

October 31, 1977 | Joe Marshall
Like all of General Manager Joe Thomas' new teams, San Francisco began with a thud, losing its first five games, but then the 49ers silenced their critics and maybe saved their coach by upsetting...

October 31, 1977 | Jerry Kirshenbaum